Dream Post #2 - Extramarital Affair Dream

Status: I think I might listen to Baby Don't Like It way too much.
Song: Baby Don't Like It by NCT 127 because I'm that side hoe. JK ;)

I like dreams. Either it's daydreaming or just plain dream.

My favourite kind of dream is the one where I did something horrible which in reality I wouldn't get caught doing.

Recently I tweeted about a dream I had where I was the other woman. You know, just casually ruining someone's marriage one dream at a time.

Although personally, from my previous experience of being the middle person standing in between someone's relationship, it wasn't something I enjoyed.

Back then, I suffered and had to avoid them like plague. A lifetime of awkwardness right there. *insert my life song: Boys with Girlfriend by Meiko*

I never thought it was so exhilarating to get myself involved in a love affair. At least, that is what I felt during my dream.
But the real question was every time I dreamed about my nonexistent love life, I could never remember the guy's face despite how many hours I spent on my bed trying to recall the dream.

That is so frustrating because obviously whoever this guy is I was willing to ruin a relationship to be together with him. I mean sure, I was living the life of not having to work because apparently the guy is rich as fuck and probably also dumb enough to waste money on a convertible with this country's weather.

Imagine my disappointment when I woke up and I'm not with the guy and his limitless assets. Wouldn't you be disappointed to find out your sugar daddy is just a ~dream~?

I am not someone who has a great sense of righteousness. I'm someone who is a firm believer in shades of grey. That's why I'm not that judgemental, I guess.

I still remember this dream I had which I may have hit someone with my car and I decided the wisest thing to do is to have a high-speed chase with the police. With helicopters chasing me down. All that jazz.

You know what I thought during that dream?

Shit. I just killed someone with my shitty driving skills. I'm going to jail, might as well turn this into full GTA mode. 

When I woke up from that dream, aside from feeling relieved that I'm not going to rot in jail, I thought to myself; wow, I think there is a part of me I think might be a spawn of satan.

Then, there are risque dreams. Like I might once have had a dream of me in a relationship with a girl. I almost questioned my sexuality but then I realised I don't want to spend the rest of my life with a girl in my bed when there are guys like Jensen Ackles out there. Jensen Ackles made me straight again. #blessed

Okay, I'm kidding. I'm 100% sure of my sexuality and I could never be in a relationship with a girl because I couldn't get along with most of my girl friends or keep in touch with them anyway due to my insensitive ass.

Truthfully, who hasn't had some of the wildest, scandalous dreams?

I can't be the only one who have these kinds of dreams. RIGHT??