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Dream Post #2 - Extramarital Affair Dream

Status: I think I might listen to Baby Don't Like It way too much.
Song: Baby Don't Like It by NCT 127 because I'm that side hoe. JK ;)

I like dreams. Either it's daydreaming or just plain dream.

My favourite kind of dream is the one where I did something horrible which in reality I wouldn't get caught doing.

Recently I tweeted about a dream I had where I was the other woman. You know, just casually ruining someone's marriage one dream at a time.

Although personally, from my previous experience of being the middle person standing in between someone's relationship, it wasn't something I enjoyed.

Back then, I suffered and had to avoid them like plague. A lifetime of awkwardness right there. *insert my life song: Boys with Girlfriend by Meiko*

I never thought it was so exhilarating to get myself involved in a love affair. At least, that is what I felt during my dream.
But the real question was every ti…

Time Spent Walking Through Memories

Status: Even today I lived in the time of you.
Song: Fine by Taeyeon.

How long has it been since I've been here? I know I've been saying this for years-I want to stop writing here. I sincerely, seriously thought of that but then I realize rhat I don't know who to talk to.

Isn't it sad that I have people coming up to me to talk about their problems but I don't have one single person to talk to?

I'm letting that sink in. How much I depend on this blog to hash things out even though I feel like my writing skills and the way I write have worsened over the years.


I may hate how I write things these days (it's a struggle because I want to write but my mind thinks all the things I've written are trash) but there is nothing more I hate than being melancholy and nostalgic about things in the past.

So, yeah. That happened. And it's not like UM level of nostalgia.
It's high school level.

This w…