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True Love Is DEAD!

Status: IU, queen of making relatable songs. Song: Palette by IU feat G-Dragon.

Last night, after a week of working adult life, my mum came up to me and asked me if I want to go to Kajang next morning. Naturally, my first question would be, 'Why would I want to go to nowheresville on a weekend at 9 frickin am?'

Then she said it's for a wedding for one of those relatives who I could never remember the names or faces. I call them the family with a bungalow in Kajang.

My first reaction was so violent. I literally in a split second said, 'Ew, no.'

Like the whole question offended me.
There is a reason for that and it's up to the readers out there to decide if I'm being an actual judgemental asshole or not.

I am someone who is proudly an open-minded person. I can accept anything except like um.. cannibalism and uhh.. bestiality. I even accept the ever controversial polygamy marriage (as long as it does…

Insecurities Exposed

Status: What's that quote? Your optimism is positively infectious?
Song: I Love The Way You Love Me by Michael Jackson.

As a girl in this decade, I can confidently say that I have insecurities. All the girls I know have their own uncertainties, especially about their bodies. I'm not sure about boys, though.

The funny thing is I like to think of myself as someone who doesn't really give a shit about my appearance. For example, it would take both of my sisters hours to get ready while I'd still be lying on my bed scrolling through my Twitter timeline. Most of the times, I would just grab the most convenient clothes nearby and be out of the house within minutes.

I don't even comb my hair sometimes. Okay. Most of the times. There's a reason for that, I once read an article saying that frizzy hair shouldn't be brushed if the hair is dry. So, I never brush my hair if it isn't wet.

If my hair looked …

Dream Post #2 - Extramarital Affair Dream

Status: I think I might listen to Baby Don't Like It way too much.
Song: Baby Don't Like It by NCT 127 because I'm that side hoe. JK ;)

I like dreams. Either it's daydreaming or just plain dream.

My favourite kind of dream is the one where I did something horrible which in reality I wouldn't get caught doing.

Recently I tweeted about a dream I had where I was the other woman. You know, just casually ruining someone's marriage one dream at a time.

Although personally, from my previous experience of being the middle person standing in between someone's relationship, it wasn't something I enjoyed.

Back then, I suffered and had to avoid them like plague. A lifetime of awkwardness right there. *insert my life song: Boys with Girlfriend by Meiko*

I never thought it was so exhilarating to get myself involved in a love affair. At least, that is what I felt during my dream.
But the real question was every ti…

Time Spent Walking Through Memories

Status: Even today I lived in the time of you.
Song: Fine by Taeyeon.

How long has it been since I've been here? I know I've been saying this for years-I want to stop writing here. I sincerely, seriously thought of that but then I realize rhat I don't know who to talk to.

Isn't it sad that I have people coming up to me to talk about their problems but I don't have one single person to talk to?

I'm letting that sink in. How much I depend on this blog to hash things out even though I feel like my writing skills and the way I write have worsened over the years.


I may hate how I write things these days (it's a struggle because I want to write but my mind thinks all the things I've written are trash) but there is nothing more I hate than being melancholy and nostalgic about things in the past.

So, yeah. That happened. And it's not like UM level of nostalgia.
It's high school level.

This w…