2016: Year In Review

Status: 2016 is running for the worst year in the 2010s.
Song: Fuck It by BIGBANG. This post was made as half-assed as this song was made.
Every year I make this obligatory post which I don't really see the point of it anymore. It's for fun though.

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Basically the whole 2016. 
It's like as years gone by, the worse they gotten. Political wise, entertainment wise and personal life have just gotten worse as the year progressed. Who would have thought Trump won the Presidential election? Just proving what kind of shitty people live in the US.
Or almost all kpop groups (4Minute, KARA, Rainbow, 2NE1) from my era disbanded?

Pop Culture of 2016
This is a special section because I love the drama and the tea being spilled in 2016. I could only hope 2017 brings me more tea.
1. First off, queen of being overexposed, Taylor Swift. She broke up with Calvin Harris which was messy but then the whole Hiddleswift shenanigans was so unexpected because Tom Hiddlestone was Tumblr's British Boyfriend. Everyone literally dropped Tom's ass after he got together with Taylor. I was enjoying the meme and practically living the life until they anticlimactically broke up.

2. The messiest and juiciest scandal this year also goes to Taylor Swift getting exposed by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? I'm living for that scandal. Let ha get exposed for the snake she is. 🐍 Then, Selena trying to back Taylor up was hilarious because it backfired in her face. ICONIC
3. The one about American Olympic swimmers got caught vandalising a gas station in Brazil. Just the embarrassment from being the citizens of USA gets me cackling.

4. Camila leaving Fifth Harmony and everyone celebrating it was so wild because who is Fifth Harmony? The videos of Camila ruining the groups' performance is my favourite go to video.

5. Also Teyeon vs Wiz Khalifa drama was the shit in terms of k-pop drama. It produced this meme.

i'm crying at this tweet

6. That and all the mess that come out after 2NE1 disbanding. YG being the sneaky lizard that he is should be burned to the ground after BIGBANG enlist in the army.
shameless lizard trying to make money of MADE album with only 3 new half-assed songs after 1 whole year.
7. Seolhyun and Zico got caught dating was sad because all the pictures released showed Seolhyun running to his apartment while Zico, the lazy ass never tried to pick her up. What an ass.

8. Kai stole Lay's ideal girl, Krystal was the best dating news in 2016.

Songs Of 2016

I thought I could leave k-pop this year. Boy, was I wrong lmao. Again, reminding everyone that these songs played a huge role in my life in the year 2016. They have nothing to do with high-quality music and not all of them were released in 2016.

1. Cheer Up by TWICE. This song I believe was the most played song on my iPod this year. I had it on repeat while I was walking to the faculty and trying to escape the reality of final year by mentally dancing to this song.

2. Goodbye by SNSD. This was the song that I ironically listened to weeks before I left UM for good. It gave me a good closure to my UM friends because as SNSD sang, it's a really really good goodbye.

3. The 7th Sense by NCT U. I called this the sex song. I feel like it would be a good song to listen before getting it down if you know what I mean( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). The reason why I love this song is because it calms my nerve while I drive. Also, they sounded really sexy with all the moans and with the 'We'll take it slow'.🌚
It doesn't help with this guy looking like this while performing this song. Serving us some Jack Frost realness.

4. Tomorrow by Han Hee Jung. The next most played song I listened to while I was walking to my class was this song. This song was my inspiration for a lot of things and it really helped me overcome my struggles with life in general.

5. How Deep Is Your Love by Bee Gees. I wanted to be in love because of this song. This song got me thirst for a boyfriend. I found myself singing to this song a lot this year while smiling alone. I'm going to tell you why in the upcoming part.

6.Closer by The Chainsmokers. I mean who doesn't sing out loud to this song every time it comes on the radio? The Chainsmokers has really nailed the way to get people hype up.

Honorary mentions: Tiffany's What Do I Do, EXO's Heaven, IOI's Pick Me, Red Velvet's Oh Boy, NCT127's Another World and Calvin Harris's This Is What You Came For before Harris-Swift messy breakup ruined it.

Series of 2016

Instead of tv shows, this year I ventured a lot into playthrough series on Youtube. I know pewdiepie can be annoying and unfunny sometimes but his playthrough on Uncharted 4 was so good. I watched the whole series during my last weeks in UM. I watched it during my dinner at UM, when I break fast and also when I had my meals during sahoor. Great memories to remember lol.

The Uncharted 4 game reminds me a lot of Sam and Dean. Nate, the game character was super hot and funny like Dean. Not to mention, the graphics and its' landscapes were breathtaking and made me really want to buy PS4 just so I could play it myself.

Another series I got myself binge watched was The Walking Dead games. Another great games. I cried with pewds while watching him play the game. That's how attached I am to those games.

In terms of American tv shows, I only watched The Walking Dead and Supernatural this year. They weren't outstanding, though. For Korean tv shows, I really felt Misaeng changed my life in how I see working life. It was my kind of drama, I love how every character is complex and no one is solely evil or good. Signal remained the best Korean drama released in 2016 even with that disappointing ending. Most of the romantic Korean drama were boring but that's only because I'm not a big fan of romance.

I know a lot of people were sad over Running Man ending in early next year. Truthfully, I have never been a fan of Running Man because I always find myself get tired after seeing them running around. That's how much I hate running.
I got goosebumps too. Also, Kim Jaeduck is bae.
Korean variety shows also played a big role in my 2016. The most impactful one was SechsKies reunion on Infinite Challenge. That was the best variety show I've seen in years. It was so hilarious, sad and most importantly, it made me realise how these oppars in the end are human and they aren't getting any younger. Their earnest in trying to make the reunion successful is inspiring. I hope years later, TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, 2NE1 would be able to reunite as successful as Sechskies and I would be there to watch it.

People of 2016
Sure, my family, friends are the best people in 2016. Who cares? Let's move on the real reason why I still have this section.

Remember how last year, my saviour was Seungri and Lay? Pfft.
This choreography saved my life.
No, I lied. I still love them. They still pulled me through from a lot of things, especially during my UM days.

However, a girl's heart is always easily swayed.

I have been lowkey about this boy because it felt weird liking someone who is 4 years younger than me. But you know how certain songs remind you of someone? It's inevitable, How Deep Is Your Love reminds me of these boys especially this one particular boy.
Your face should be illegal.
Jung Jaehyun. There are only two types of boys; cute or sexy. You can't be both.

Jaehyun is both of them. I am so conflicted and angry at his entire existence. He's so soft at the same time probably lowkey kinky as fuck. His face is a blessing, he's a great singer, dancer, rapper, cook and can speak English well.

The group he's in, NCT, is the second boy group after Super Junior where I'm heavily invested in. I'm not that heavily invested in EXO nor Big Bang but NCT got me surprised with their members' personalities and their group dynamics is so refreshing. In addition, their first album is damn good. Another World should have been their title track.

I want nothing but the best for this group in 2017.

I like to think my taste in men is at an all time high ever since I've moved on from my short trashy crush on G-Dragon. #blessed

Moving on to a more personal part of Year In Review.

Regrets of 2016
I have a lot of regrets this year because I'm indecisive. I can't name all of them but I'm going to try anyway.

1. This may sound surprising but I regret about my trip to Sabah with my friends. I didn't have regrets until I saw the beach in Boracay. I remember the feeling I had when I saw the beach for the first time. I get to see this view with this group of girlfriends who spontaneously asked me if I wanted to join their trip a year ago while we were eating cakes.

There were no meticulous planning nor hard feelings involved. Somehow, the Sabah trip was way more problematic even at planning stage. I feel like there were a lot of bad things came out of this trip more than the good things. One of the things was I had to choose a side between two people. TWICE. Just because they couldn't just communicate with each other. I learnt from this trip not to care about other's relationship. If they suddenly decided to end their friendship over petty things, then I should not care and be unaffected about it. They're adults. They should deal with the consequence later.

However, the good outcome was that I had a lot of honest talks with a lot of people regardless if they went to Sabah or not.

P.S. I could have gone to Korea instead of Sabah. :')) I could have met Korean people and made friends like I did in Boracay.

2. Besides that, I regret not meeting up with my school friend when he asked me twice. I chickened out. I basically ignored his message for weeks and then later replied with the typical'I didn't realise you sent me a message because I'm hardly online on Facebook :('. I literally insert a sad face emoji just to show how 'forgetful' I am.

He, knowing me well enough, probably knew I was lying but just went with my lies. I don't know why I did that but I think it's mostly because I didn't want to know how much we have changed over the years and we might not be able to have a proper conversation. I just did not want to get disappointed with the only person who has known me when I was at my worst.

3. Also, I missed out an opportunity to apply for an internship at my favourite local online news portal. I could have just applied but I backed out because I didn't want to face the judging stare from my parents. Fuck pharmacy.

4. But the biggest regret was my whole choices during one of the last nights in UM. All the choices I made leading up to that night was questionable. Bear with me because this is going to turn into a rant and shit post.

Whoever thought that all the Malays students in final year Pharmacy UM should hang out together is a dumb idea. I don't know what or who they were trying to prove to in trying to unite the Malays. I mean the Chinese were united but who cares?

Because everyone (mostly) thought it was a dumb idea and we didn't want to spend the last night with each other, most of my girl friends ignored the idea. I would have followed their wise decision if it weren't for those good friends of mine.

They were like, 'oh this is fun and heartwarming, good for the soul' or some shit. Naturally, I conceded because it's good for my tainted soul. This would have been okay but then shit hit the fan when they argued about where to eat.

That was the most dramatic discussion in deciding where to eat. I personally see no problem in eating at some dumb steamboat restaurant but then because I thrived on drama, I decided to side with the people who didn't want steamboat. It was all fun seeing people argue until it gets in the way of me focusing on studying. The whole overreaction from certain people was so stupid. It almost ended some friendship and I lived for this overblown argument.

I thought it would be fun if I passive-aggressively tweeted about it. I tweeted by conveying how stupid this whole idea of Malays gathering together when in fact we were fighting. Then somehow people found out and probably get offended by it. Basically, I just sort of ended the fighting with a cold war.

We ended up eating at two separate tables. How ironic. We weren't really talking to each other for the whole night. Of course, the main true aim of this night was to take a group photo and showcased it to the whole world how united is the Malays of UM Pharmacy 2012/2016. It was so awkward and stupid.

Later on, I probably made another stupid decision by hanging out at a rooftop of a newly built building in UM at midnight while talking about horror stories. WHAT KIND OF DENSE WHITE PEOPLE IN HORROR MOVIE LIKE DECISION DID I MAKE?

Me: Let's not follow these people and trespassing off limits rooftop  could get us expelled. Ghosts could kill us.
Me to me: Let's have horror storytime on the rooftop at midnight

To be honest, I hate horror movies and scared shitless of ghost. On the contrary, I have ego the size of the sun and I cannot for the life of me express that in public. So I act all chill and poked fun at one of my friends instead. Then, some supernatural shit happened but I have erased it out of my memory. I still think it was all fake.

I remembered before going to sleep how I wished that I had just stayed in my room and have dinner while watching Uncharted 4 playthrough alone.

Highlights of 2016
1. Most people at my age would probably say the highlight of their life would be their graduation day. It's important I guess but the thing is I didn't feel anything about it. My mum was more excited about it than me. My graduation day was like a whole blurry picture.

It felt like I just finished my school. What did I do for the past 4 years for me to celebrate that much? All I did was studying and make sure to score just enough to pass. Nevertheless, I'm thankful I guess.

2. Another highlight in 2016 was when I jumped off a cliff in Boracay. I wasn't planning on jumping. However, one of my friends was so scared of jumping into the ocean so I thought if I did, she would jump as well.

To be honest, I was scared but I gotta act all nonchalance because my horoscope is Leo. Anyway, the thing about jumping into the ocean is the moment you step onto the edge of the cliff, you get hesitant. You get all these discouraging voices in your head. You could tune out if you stop thinking at that moment but that can be hard for some people. When you finally overcome that moment of hesitation, you jumped instantly.

That's the best thing I've done this year. That moment when you submerged into the water and suddenly there's no noise but your own breathing. That was the most peaceful feeling I've had this year. It felt like those dreams where you fall.

3. Out of all the dramatic things happening this year, the good ones are always with the girls. Anis and Qila were so bummed over the fact that they missed out on my graduation day (which I couldn't care less), they asked me to bring my robe to take photo together at a park in KL. Since it was a last minute plan, by the time we arrived at the park, it was dark. I thought to myself, 'Wow, this sucked but I had so much fun chilling at some expensive restaurant and shamelessly wearing my robe lmao'.

It was nice catching up with the girls and seeing how they both struggled with their university life makes me feel good because I thought I was the only one struggling with my shitty UM pharmacy. I could see Anis seemed to be the one struggling the most but at least she had pure intention for doing dentistry. I wanted to do pharmacy because I thought I get a job automatically after I graduate. What a bunch of a bullshit I've been lied to.


I feel like doing this Year In Review post is useless because every year by December I am so over of the whole year. December is my least favourite month because it always gets me feeling shitty. By next December, it would be the same thing again.

I have wanted to give an update of my life right now. Currently, I am slowly using less of Instagram. I have completely stopped using Facebook. These days I rarely even go to Tumblr anymore. The only social networking site I'm using frequently is Twitter. However, I made another account where I only follow news feed accounts, celebrities and strangers online who share the same interest as me.

I definitely feel much happier surprisingly. I think it's because I don't have to care or compare my life with others now that I know nothing about them. Heck, on some days I don't even read my Whatsapp. I guess you could say I've removed the negativity in my life by just distancing myself from people.

I finally understand the real meaning of that one line in Billy Joel's Vienna.

Truthfully, I don't know what's going to happen in 2017. I'm going to be an actual adult with working and adult stuff like paying taxes and voting for the election. However, I feel like 2017 is going to a shitty year. I can feel it in my gut. So, fuck me up 2017.
Body rolling into 2017.