The First Year in UM

Since I will be officially graduating this October, I thought to myself, 'why don't I write something very personal about UM?'.
Therefore, this is going to be my first part of reminiscing the UM days :')
I'm going to touch on every aspect of UM life including academic, social, and personal feelings. Like I am going to be honest about it. Like there's no censoring on what I feel. I won't name people's names, though.

Truthfully, I can't remember what really happened back when I first entered UM. All I know is that I get to go back home every weekend and that's all that matters.

Back then, choosing UM isn't because it's the number 1 university in the country but because it's the nearest to home. I couldn't live another year in nowheresville. I need my dose of a lively city so I can feel alive and, wifi.

Until today, I don't regret choosing UM. Pharmacy? Sorta regret but UM, never.

Writing the first year post is really tough lol. I mostly can't remember anything interesting happened aside from the first 3 weeks in UM.

I went through a difficult time during the first month in matriculation. I was alone in a foreign place away from my family for the first time, with no friends while everyone else already had their own group of friends. I thought that I had to face the same situation in UM too. I had already prepared for the worst.

So my first week in UM was utterly boring. I wanted to be friendly and meet new people but I didn't have the mood for it. I certainly wasn't up for any nonsense such as cheers and team building activity.

Although I do remember being in awe of everyone else who had this eager aura to join this nuisance activities. I can see most of them were enjoying this orientation week. They were all volunteering to be in front and presenting their quirky ideas.

At that time, I remembered I was regretting choosing UM haha. This place was filled with idiots who like this kind of activities. I didn't want to befriend any of these losers who were dumb enough to fall for this motivational schtick.

Then, of course. I got singled out by this one senior who somehow enjoyed calling me, 'Bosan and making my life during that week slightly harder'. Let me tell you. Every time I bumped into this senior, I always gave him my stink eye and pretend he never existed.

I thought I got away after the week ended but then Family Week aka Hell Week started in the faculty. It was all blurry to me but I remembered being really tired mentally and physically. To the point where I couldn't focus in class.

They may name it something very friendly like Family Week but it was actually another orientation. Just  an unofficial one. Basically, it was me doing things I would never in my whole life did, performing in front of strangers, being scolded almost every day and faking my way through the seniors who I have zero care about at that time. Seniority? That's not a thing in my life.

I joined dancing when I couldn't even dance. I sucked but who cares.
I tried to approach people when in reality, I don't approach, people approach me ok.
Never have I been fake so much in my life.

Honestly, although it was hellish, it did bring my classmates and me closer like brothers-in-arms. Like, 'hey guys we went through shit together so we kinda have to be together until the end now'.
That strong camaraderie was worth all that.

In terms of academic, I was really trying to adjust the way of UM system. Like past year questions and realizing that the question doesn't really change.

It was mind-blowing. I was one of those kids who never believe in past years questions even before SPM. Like who the fuck has time to analyse every question and memorise the questions.

Entering UM was mind-blowing in that sense. I had to deal with my bruised ego where I thought I was smart enough to not rely on past years questions because relying on those questions meant I had to rely on seniors. My very first test was on organic chemistry and I literally flunked it while everyone else scored because they had past year questions.

Like what the hell. Not to mention, Organic Chemistry was my weakest subject and I couldn't understand a single thing. It was horrible.

Then Biochemistry was another horrible thing I had to face during my second semester. At that time, I realized I hate Chemistry and I was so grateful I did not take up Chemical Engineering. I would have hated my life so much if I did.

I came out as an average student by the time the first year ended and that was something normal ever since high school. I was content with it.

From the social aspect, I was really recluse and didn't socialise much. During the first year, there was literally a zero social life which was normal for me back then. I was a loner and that didn't change much for me.

I did though miss my matriculation girls.

At that time, I had 3 important friends. The first friend I made with was a girl who came up to me during the first week and she tried to start a conversation with me when no one else did because I was THAT unapproachable. Ever since then, I stuck by her side for the whole year. Let's call her, A. She was the friendliest person I have ever known and I was so in awe of her effortless way of making friends especially with boys.

She was the light and I was the shadow. People would approach her first before acknowledging me and I don't mind. I was content being known as A's quiet friend. We were inseparable ever since. There were a lot of good memories I had with her. I remembered fondly of the days when we would go to class together and she would tell me the latest gossip in our class and confided in me about her love life.

Like seriously. We were just noobs in UM but she was already having the epic love story going on for her while I hardly could recognise any boys in my class. Personally, I was really in debt to her. She could have ditched me for a better, more talkative girl with better experience in boyfriends but she didn't throughout the whole year. I wasn't really the most interesting person and the least friendly of all.

I was literally ready if she wanted to ditch me but she never did. For that, I am always grateful for having her as my first friend in UM and stuck by my side ever since.

The second person that I remembered made friends with was B. This may seem weird but she came off really cold at first but then I realise that's just who she is. She's also very good at this learning all the pharmacy subjects. I always sat beside her in class because she's one of those people who never talks in class. To me, she will always be the cool chick in class who always come into my room at random times to ask about lecture notes. I think we sort of bonded over our studies.

The third friend was someone I had never noticed of until A pointed it out. Since I had looked up to A, I thought that C was one of the guys who will inevitably fall in love with her.

So I actually disregarded him most of the times. Until it became apparent that A and C were also sort of questionably good friends/dating (we may never know).

Since I had no other choice, I had become the third wheel in their relationship. Initially, I have never really spoken directly to C and never really acknowledge him as a friend. I just regard him as a friend of A who I had to hang out with occasionally but if A is not around I wouldn't be hanging out with him because he wasn't really as sunshine friendly as A. However, as time goes by, I found out we had a lot in common surprisingly.

The thing is A like to call us the Three Musketeers which I secretly hated. Like come on, there has got to be a cooler name than that.

So the three of us were kind of inseparable ish.

Yeah. I think that covers most part of my first year in UM. I am sure I missed out on a lot of interesting tidbits but again, I have to write 3 more posts about my life in UM. I am too lazy to write in details.

I think my writing skills has deteriorated tremendously, though. Ack.