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Structure Activity Relationship Between You and Me

Status: I miss you.
Song: Tomorrow by Han Hee Jung. This song is everything.

I did it.
I can't believe this.

I thought the day would have never come. It had felt like forever.

The last few days had been me trying to push through and jump over every hurdle coming at me.
Every time I was taking a break, I had imagined what it would feel like to finally getting this fyp or final year research project submitted.

Most of the time I had imagined myself in Taeyeon's place. Telling everyone else to go screw themselves and steal someone's car keys. Then, possibly drive to the ocean and meet my other hippie half. Pharmacy what? UM whu?

Of course, that did not happen. 
In reality, I was dead tired after printing my fyp and helping my friends print out their dissertations.
Nevertheless, the smile on my face after letting all of that go had never left.
Gosh, it had felt like every burden that has been haunting me in every n…