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I Like You, Maybe I'm Just Like You

Status: I am watching too many Korean drama.
Song: Just Impolite by Plushgun

I was watching this drama all my girl friends were raving about.

It was enjoyable until it got heavy on the romance. Then it hit me, 'ah this would never happen to me'.

After that I got all emo about my single life because of course it could never happen to me; I got no man.

Aside from that, it got me thinking that Korean dramas have set up a high expectation of romance for single ladies (like me).

I mean does romance even exists outside Instagram, drama and viral videos?

We got all this viral post of guy doing insane things for the girl he loves. And all these single ladies will tweet about it with a hashtag #relationshipgoals and crying emoji.

And all those pictures of lovey-dovey couples and faceless boyfriends/girlfriends on Instagram with caption that made other girls swoon which I bitterly liked.

To be honest, I, myself never believe in…