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On the Final Year Road So Far Part 1

Status: I will cherish this midsem break every second.
Song: I by Taeyeon. This song got me through a lot. :') I cried.

I had thoughts of deleting the much depressing post below but then no one would know how I got over it. Do I still have the same thoughts after a month has passed?

The post I've written was on my significant college friend's birthday.  It was before I wished her.

The whole day I contemplated if I should wished her on her birthday.
Which was stupid of me to even think about. 'You have to wish her, it's what friends do.'

But that was my emotional breakdown loner phase.
I feared of rejection and what ifs. What if she changed her number? Does that mean I will lose contact with her forever? What if she ignores my text? What if she doesn't recognize my number? 

It was like an hour before midnight when I finally made up my mind to wish her.

I was 70% expecting her to not reply me and it would …