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You're So Classic Baby.

Status: Just watched HSM. How come I never have graduation event??
Song: What Kind Of Man by Florence+The Machine.

A month ago (which doesn't feel like a month ago), I finally met up with my high school friends after 5 years. 5 years weh!

How time flies.

It seemed like not a lot have changed over those 5 years.

I had two high school related topics I want to write about (Truancy and Classic Moments) but I've chosen this one in particular because it was brought up on that semi-reunion dinner.

 Apparently I have a 'Classic Moment'.

Like an actual Suhaini trademark moments.

Somehow everytime I was talked about, these two moments in my life will always be brought up.

I swear I'm not making this shit up. They did called it, 'Suhaini Classic Moment'.

ONE Before this happened, I was an actual epitome of wallflower. I know how it feels like to be not be noticed by people. 
When I was 13, I was introduce…

Senpai Jinjja!

Status: I have reached the next level of senpai.
Song: Riptide by Vance Joy. THIS SONG HURTS MY SOUL.

I must be a hybrid between weaboo and koreaboo.

There was a time in my high school life, I thought I was Georgia Nicolson. Georgia Nicolson is a fictional character from a series of novels I was obsessed with.

I used French and British-English in normal conversation. Because slag sounded so much cool than slut.
I used made up word like maturiosity and randomiosity. I still do actually.
And vair was more unique than very.

I was literally trying to become a teenage girl in England.

HAHA. What a dumbass, I was.

Then I got into Korea and their aesthetic-obsessed culture. By that, I meant K-pop.
Have you ever watched a black and white k-pop music video? No?
Me either.

Have you seen unnaturally saturated colourful k-pop music video? It is so pretty,I cried.

At that point in my life, I taught myself Hangul and Korean language…