2014: Year In Review

Status: Took me days to write this post.
Song: I lived by OneRepublic.

Every year I make this obligatory post which is one of the few things I did during my study week.

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2014 came by in a flash. And not in a good looking way like The Flash.

I thought it was January and now it's December. Whuh.

If I could define 2014 in 5 words. it would be ' WHAT HAPPENED IN 2014. WHAT.'

Kids. there would be a time where you don't know when a year starts or ends. I'm only 21 but I don't even-

Anyway, just a tad of update about my life because I only have 8 posts in 2014. 

1. Still no boyfriend, unfortunately.
2. Still in PJ as it should be.
4. I'm still doing pharmacy, surprisingly.

Movie of 2014

I'm like the worst young adult ever to live.
 I watched only 4 movies that was released in 2014. This includes Veronica Mars movie, Sadako, Captain America (more like Captain Hunky), and Gone Girl.

I'm very picky with movies and I never have the time to watch them.

I still haven't watch Interstellar although I love Nolan's works.
Still haven't watch The Maze Runner even though I adore Dylan O' Brien.

I can assure you that on sentimental value, I would have picked VMars movie.

But Gone Girl had me blown away. Just like what the book did.
This scene though.

I didn't realized 2 hours and 30 minutes have passed while I was watching the movie.

The only time a movie made me feel like that was The Girl With Dragon Tattoo and Batman Begins.

David Fincher took what I imagined while I was reading the book and made it on screen. It was dark as I expected. The casting was perfect. The ending was slightly twisted compared to the book- way to go Gillian Flynn!

What I love the most about this very much anticipated movie is it shows how complex a woman is. Not just another sex toy, strong heartless character, love interest or sidekick to your manly main characters.

This movie/book describes best how woman feels. We are more powerful without men but we are still the insecure little girls who need validation from men.

And the best way to get back at your cheating scum of a husband is to frame him for your fake murder. Duh.

Basically, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

TV Shows Of 2014

There was not one new tv show that captured my attention. Not even How To Get Away With Murder. HTGAWM was great plot-wise but there's this romance sideplot that every damn character had annoys me to no end.

There's Gotham but even dreamy Ben McKenzie (CALIFORNIAAAAA) can't make it interesting. The pilot episode was nice though.

Selfie was cute but it was cancelled. Still bitter over that.

The only saving grace of tv show this year was not even from this year.  Attack On Titan which was aired in 2013 is the best anime/tv show I've watched over my semester break.

But really. Supernatural though. Guys. We're in the tenth season. The 200th episode was everything I expected.

BEST EPISODE EVER. I grew up watching this show and look where it is now. It's the only show that is still increasing in ratings even at its' 10th season.


That's it. I'm with this show till it sinks.

There were a lot of songs that I've been listening to on repeat. Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Taylor Swift really outdid themselves this year.

Some old quality k-pop songs I missed out such Ailee's I Will Show You, Infinite's Back and This Is Love by Super Junior.

  1. Rather Be by Clean Bandits.
  2. Jealous  by Nick Jonas. - I'm so attracted to this song I don't know if that is even possible.
  3. Latch by Disclosure feat Sam Smith. - It's a 2013 song but I walk to my faculty listening to this song and it's the most refreshing thing ever.
  4. Centuries by Fall Out Boy. Because FOB.
  5. Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.- Just because I'm a girl.
Honorable mentions: All You Had To Do Was Stay by Taylor Swift, One of THOSE night by The Cab and Female Robbery by The Neighbourhood.

I realized I've been listening to radio pop songs more than usual. AND that's okay.

People of 2014

I spent a lot of time by myself  and then surrounded myself with new friends this year. It was nice to know that I can still be sociable if I try hard enough. It's also fun to be with people that actually shares the same interest with you.

Basically, I learned that the people I thought who were always around me doesn't mean they're going to stay and remain unchanged.

And I spent a lot of money on myself. I eat outside with these friends almost every week because sometimes I, too, get sick of eating alone in the room facing my iPod like it's the only friend I have.

I'm proud of this development.  /pats self.

But seriously, people of 2014 should be the Malaysians. I know I sometimes can be cynical about my own fellow countrymen but the shit we're going through this year; the missing airplane, floods, airplane got shot down, and that time we had to ration our water- WE MADE IT MALAYSIA. INTACT AND UNITED.

Good things, I hope will come to those who persevere. Be strong.
Fanfic of 2014

This is the hardest one yet. My Opera mini browser which I used to save all the good fanfics, crashed one day. The bookmarks are all gone.

I fell into a deep pit of darkness because of that.

I can't remember a single good fanfic this year.

Except for the latest ones.

Breathe Lightly by Nhixxie. Ever since the author wrote Ad Astra, I had the highest expectation from her. It was difficult to meet the expectation.

One thing I love about this fanfic is how it made medical terms seems romantic.
It's about a doctor and a dying with heart disease patient.
“What happens in the lungs?”
“Shit happens.” Dean says.
Cas attempts to maintain a straight face. “Really.”
Dean nods. “Yeah, man, shit just goes down in that place.”
“Yeah, and you know what I heard?” Dean even leans in, “I heard there’s like—exchanges going on there. Carbon dioxide for oxygen. Fucking drug dealers, man.”

Fanvids of 2014

I'm being lazy but the most recent video I watched is possibly the best video I've seen in 2014 because it summarized on how to make a good story which includes epic romance, death, war, and badass action scenes.

I miss making videos just because I want to and not because people asked me to.


Fandom of 2014

This year I've been in a lot of fandoms. I was in SNK fandom which is hilariously on crack for such a dark anime. I was briefly in Free! fandom which is one of a kind. I had a short stint in Gotham fandom, GSNK fandom and The Walking Dead fandom.

Supernatural fandom is still that one fandom I could never leave and still adore dearly.

Recently, a group of people had been attacking some Supernatural fans to the point of telling these fans to commit suicide and hacking the blogs.

The cast of Supernatural have been strongly against  about all of this.

This is why I love SPN fandom. 

This year, I had the chance to go to Comic Fiesta which is the Malaysian version of Comic-Con with heavy on Anime/Manga.

The feeling I got from this convention was awestruck.

To know that there is a lot of people who would wait at 8am and earlier in a super super long line and then packed into a hall that I could barely breathe is just- left me with awe.
I lined up at 8:30 am and I had to queue up in front of Traders Hotel.

I'm in awe because these people have the same burning passion as me towards something that other people look down upon.

"They're just fictional characters. WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH?" - what normal people would say.

I always say this. And I'm going to say this again. Fuck that noise.

Being a hardcore fan doesn't make you any less of a human being.

While I was there, I saw people bonding with strangers over a fictional character. They spoke to each other like they have known each other for years.

That's the beauty of fandom. It was the best way to end 2014.

Overall, 2014 has been a quite hell of a ride.

I got bad days that lasted for weeks.
Then I got some good days too in-betweens.

It made me realized that I should enjoy things that I love and ignore things that made me feel like shit. No matter what anyone said otherwise.

You wanna boycott something? Suit yourself. Don't berate others who don't.
You are a fan of something? Sure. As long as you don't shit on others who don't see it that way.

Stay true to yourself, dear me.
 Oh. And this is the 500th post for this blog. YAY!
2015, here I come.


  1. Go on a vacation. 
  2. Love and obsess more about fictional things because fuck everyone.
  3. Be with people who made me feel happy.


Anonymous said…
seriously no boyfriend? an amazing girl like you had no boyfriend that is weird. sorry if i sound rude, i just surprise .Perhaps you ni jual mahal kot.
Kyu and Fishy. said…
This is like a good example of backhanded compliment. Hahaha. I'm amazing but jual mahal? Flattered and offended.