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Love, Among Other Things

Status: Single.
Song: Lullabies by Yuna.

This post is dedicated to Anis who recently had her heart broken by an actual boy she likes.

We all had our heart broken by someone we thought, 'Hey you and I could be something more'.

Someone who we actually can see sharing our deepest, innermost thoughts with.
Someone you look forward to seeing everyday.
Someone who makes you happy just for being there.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding out that person is seeing someone else in that way. And it's not you.

I, myself had been through that.

I still am going through it.

That's what you get for being friends with your crush.
Just when you thought you have gotten over this stupid feelings, he goes and says the right thing that just tugs your heart gently.
You're swept away all over again.
It's like the ocean. It keeps coming up to your shore. (1)

You will listen to unrequited love songs and you will shout …