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Status: I am like a week late.
Song: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. DAMN IT T-SWIZZLE AND YOUR POP SONGS.

On 17th August of 2014, I am legally an adult now.
I am now not ashamed to make and laugh at dirty jokes (poops and sex jokes ftw) and cussing (fuck mcfuckerson yeah).

The high school kid in me used to imagine my 21st birthday to be like ; IN DA CLUB, SOMEONE POUR ME A DRINK, YEAHH STRIP CLUBS, YEAHH CLUBBING.

Obviously I watch too much tv shows.

In reality, I spent the whole day reading romantic comedy manga.

My mom was the most excited one though. She woke me up at 8am. Who the fuck does that?

Anyway, she asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

I said, "Money." Like usual.

She then bought me a necklace which I explained to her that I feel like I'm a pet now.
I then told her that I wanted a dog tag attached to it.

Like the people from military.

Mom: Why do you need dog tag for?
Me: Duh. I just survived 21 year…