My Funny Valentine

Status: I thought long and hard about this post for a suitable title.
Song: My Funny Valentine by Ella Fitzgerald.

As you all know, I have short span attention when it comes to attractive guys.

I would be like : Oohh.. Tom Hiddleston, my tumblr tag for you is 'The Perfect Gentleman'.

The next day, I would be like: Damn it Benedict Cumberbatch. Why are you so attractive when you're Sherlock Holmes? ARGHHH BRITISH MEN STOP COLONIZING ME. (That didn't come out right.)

However, as much as my ovary belongs to attractive guys, I have the softest of the soft spots for funny guys.

I love guys with a sense of humor. Nothing makes me giggle like seeing a funny guy face.

In 20 years of my life, I have met many hilarious guys but only few could make me laugh by just looking at their stupid ass faces.

If I could list down my priority in checking out guys, it would be:-

  1. Hair.
  2. Attractive face.
  3. Sense of humor.
  4. Sense of style.
  5. Overall personality.

I'm superficial, I know. Come at me.

Anyway, I'm going through some sort of depression-slash-anxiety phase ever since the semester break started. It doesn't even have anything to do with my studies surprisingly.

It's mostly all in my head. Like I feel like I'm not adequate enough to be a responsible adult but someone (MY MOM) shoved me unprepared, through the gates of adulthood.

3 days after my semester break started, my mom literally pack her bags and went to Bumfuck, Nowhere (Bintulu but Bumfuck sounds better) for the rest of my semester break.

She's like, "Good luck and here's the list of things you need to do."

That wasn't even the worst part. Apparently, what I've learned in Parasitology came to life. There was flea invasion going on in my grandparents' house.

I've mastered the art of killing fleas with my bare hands.

You don't mess with me.

Also, my extra, very technical UM activities are finally catching up to me. MY LIFE, EVERYBODY.
I was needed to design a banner and there was a lot of re-sending and reediting stuff going on.
I am sort of being misled into designing a t-shirt. I was very confused on how I agreed to this.
Then, I was told to design magazine.

This is probably not a big deal for those who actually knows how to operate Photoshop.

My experience with Photoshop is nil. I spent an hour trying to crop a picture using Photoshop.
That's how 'noob' I am at Photoshop.
I edit videos, I don't design things. I got C for Arts during Form 3, for God's sake.

So, I had to learn all of this designing stuff  by myself while doing responsible adult jobs.

On top of that, I am haunted by my own dream which is psychologically disturbing and may or may not affect me everyday.

By the end of the week, I was physically, emotionally exhausted.

Story of my life.

I'm not saying the only saving grace of this semester break was watching Saturday Night Live and comedy tv shows but they are.

So, I just want to dedicate this post to these 5 people who made me laugh throughout this semester break.

5. Andy Samberg. 


Have you ever do your dishes while singing  'Like A Boss'? Gratifying.

4. Joel Mchale.

Gosh. This magnificent man. Either he's on The Soup or Community, he still remains the funniest guy while offending others. My kind of man.
I like his face very much.

And his shirtless scenes. Definitely his shirtless scenes.

3. Bill Hader.

He is the most adorable person ever. I just watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatball because I want to hear his voice and I don't even like animation movie. His voice, either it's his impression voice or his original voice, is the sex.

Everytime he cracks up, a kitten is born. (x)

I kept replaying all his SNL sketches where he breaks his character. Especially Stefon.

The only thing he needs to do to make me happy is to see him laughing.

2.Amy Poehler.

WE. CANNOT. BE. FRIENDS. If you don't like Amy Poehler.
I stan her.
QUEEN. (x)

She's funny. She's smart. She's pretty. She's cute.
How could anyone hate her.

I don't know what I do without her show, Parks and Recreation. Watching the show makes me very very happy. Got me through the horrible weeks last year.

And her friendship with Seth Meyers is the most beautiful thing ever. That's true soul mate.
The most precious thing ever. I cried. (x)

1. Seth Meyers

I'm currently in my 'Seth Meyers is such a cutie' phase. I will watch his Late Night With Seth Meyers just so I could look at his face and write poems about his infectious smile.

I love his dry humor which is not everyone's cup of tea. But I like it.
(x) Smirky bastard.

Unfortunately, just like all the other guys in my life, his last SNL appearance was last Saturday.

Me and timing. We never go together.

I got emotional over it.

The only depressing thing about these group of people is they are all married or taken.