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My Funny Valentine

Status: I thought long and hard about this post for a suitable title.
Song: My Funny Valentine by Ella Fitzgerald.

As you all know, I have short span attention when it comes to attractive guys.

I would be like : Oohh.. Tom Hiddleston, my tumblr tag for you is 'The Perfect Gentleman'.

The next day, I would be like: Damn it Benedict Cumberbatch. Why are you so attractive when you're Sherlock Holmes? ARGHHH BRITISH MEN STOP COLONIZING ME.(That didn't come out right.)

However, as much as my ovary belongs to attractive guys, I have the softest of the soft spots for funny guys.

I love guys with a sense of humor. Nothing makes me giggle like seeing a funny guy face.

In 20 years of my life, I have met many hilarious guys but only few could make me laugh by just looking at their stupid ass faces.

If I could list down my priority in checking out guys, it would be:-

Hair.Attractive face.Sense of humor.Sense of style.O…