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2014: Year In Review

Status: Took me days to write this post.
Song: I lived by OneRepublic.

Every year I make this obligatory post which is one of the few things I did during my study week.

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2014 came by in a flash. And not in a good looking way like The Flash.

I thought it was January and now it's December. Whuh.

If I could define 2014 in 5 words. it would be ' WHAT HAPPENED IN 2014. WHAT.'

Kids. there would be a time where you don't know when a year starts or ends. I'm only 21 but I don't even-

Anyway, just a tad of update about my life because I only have 8 posts in 2014. 

1. Still no boyfriend, unfortunately.
2. Still in PJ as it should be.
4. I'm still doing pharmacy, surprisingly.

Movie of 2014
I'm like the worst young adult ever to live.
 I watched only 4 movies that was released in 2014. This includes Veronica Mars movie, Sadako, Captain America (more like Capta…

High School Never Ends

Status: Another week to go yo.
Song: High School Never Ends by Bowling For Soup

When I was in high school, I used to listen to Bowling For Soup's High School Never Ends.
 By the way, if you clicked on the link to the song, most of the songs recommended are what I used to listen to when I was a teenager.

I told myself that this song can't be that deep.

But it was deep. So deep that this week was the epitome of the song.
The whole damn world is just as obsessed
With who‘s the best dressed and who‘s having sex,
Who‘s got the money, who gets the honeys,
Who‘s kinda cute and who‘s just a mess
And you still don’t have the right look
And you don’t have the right friends
Nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends.

As I gleefully read all the mean tweets and opinions from everyone about what happened this week, I realized I'm still that person who walked by and stared at the two girls pulling at …

Love, Among Other Things

Status: Single.
Song: Lullabies by Yuna.

This post is dedicated to Anis who recently had her heart broken by an actual boy she likes.

We all had our heart broken by someone we thought, 'Hey you and I could be something more'.

Someone who we actually can see sharing our deepest, innermost thoughts with.
Someone you look forward to seeing everyday.
Someone who makes you happy just for being there.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding out that person is seeing someone else in that way. And it's not you.

I, myself had been through that.

I still am going through it.

That's what you get for being friends with your crush.
Just when you thought you have gotten over this stupid feelings, he goes and says the right thing that just tugs your heart gently.
You're swept away all over again.
It's like the ocean. It keeps coming up to your shore. (1)

You will listen to unrequited love songs and you will shout …


Status: I am like a week late.
Song: Shake It Off by Taylor Swift. DAMN IT T-SWIZZLE AND YOUR POP SONGS.

On 17th August of 2014, I am legally an adult now.
I am now not ashamed to make and laugh at dirty jokes (poops and sex jokes ftw) and cussing (fuck mcfuckerson yeah).

The high school kid in me used to imagine my 21st birthday to be like ; IN DA CLUB, SOMEONE POUR ME A DRINK, YEAHH STRIP CLUBS, YEAHH CLUBBING.

Obviously I watch too much tv shows.

In reality, I spent the whole day reading romantic comedy manga.

My mom was the most excited one though. She woke me up at 8am. Who the fuck does that?

Anyway, she asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

I said, "Money." Like usual.

She then bought me a necklace which I explained to her that I feel like I'm a pet now.
I then told her that I wanted a dog tag attached to it.

Like the people from military.

Mom: Why do you need dog tag for?
Me: Duh. I just survived 21 year…

Public Speeches of 2014

Status: I hate speaking.
Song: Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey

If there was a recurring theme for my 2014, it would be public speaking.

Now, for normal outgoing people, this is something they do regularly.

Not me. I'm the exact opposite of outgoing. I don't even like making small talk with human.

Now, because this past few weeks I've been feeling like I'm a sad excuse for a human being, I'm going to list down few public speeches where I made a total fool out of myself.

Only because I feel like I'm being a shitty human being.

This semester I signed up for English class that required presenting in front of the class. I mean the class is called Presentation Skills At Workplace.

I have no idea what came over me to choose this class over Writing Skills class.

There were numerous times I had to make a spontaneous speech which is my worst nightmare.

Have you ever had a blank mind and everyone …

My Life Is A Real Life TV Trope : 3 Amigos Edition

Status: I need to make a new sideblog for feelings. Song: Girl Next Door by Saving Jane.

I'm not being bitter or cynical about this arrangement my life is in.

I'm actually grateful I have two of the coolest, laidback, independent, non-whiny, non-clingy friends ever in the history of friendships.

However, I've realized my life has became a cliche trope. Not just any trope. It's the trope that has been used so many times in Disney shows and other pre-teen tv shows.

In which I am Willow from Buffy The Vampire Slayer who at some point fell in love with a lady witch and turned evil. Then, she became Lily in How I Met Your Mother.

I hope I am Hermione in this relationship trope. 

I've always see myself as the sidekick. Mostly that selfish sidekick who would turned evil at some point and betrayed my friends in the end.

I'm like Castiel; always feel like he doesn't belong and 'fans' al…

I'm A Marshmallow And Not Married.

Status: I want my love life to be as intense as Logan and Veronica.
Song: We Used To Be Friends by Dandy Warhols.

After a long hiatus from this blog, I decided to make the theme of this post is the gif below. Cinematic masterpiece.
The movie was everything I hoped for. It still astounds me that there are fans who willingly paid 5 millions dollar so this Veronica Mars movie could be made.

Amazing. If Supernatural wanted to make a movie, I'm ready with my ATM cards in my hand.

Also this gif is what I've been feeling for the last 2 weeks. I've been withdrawing my use of expletives for the last couple of weeks.

BUT I'M BACK MOTHERFUCKER.  No more writing 'screw' or other flowery lady-like words instead of fuck. 
This week is a prime example of what I would call, what-a-fucking- week. It ranges from fuck you to fuck it.

I don't know what made me wanting to be more adult like and mature and nicer and la…

My Funny Valentine

Status: I thought long and hard about this post for a suitable title.
Song: My Funny Valentine by Ella Fitzgerald.

As you all know, I have short span attention when it comes to attractive guys.

I would be like : Oohh.. Tom Hiddleston, my tumblr tag for you is 'The Perfect Gentleman'.

The next day, I would be like: Damn it Benedict Cumberbatch. Why are you so attractive when you're Sherlock Holmes? ARGHHH BRITISH MEN STOP COLONIZING ME.(That didn't come out right.)

However, as much as my ovary belongs to attractive guys, I have the softest of the soft spots for funny guys.

I love guys with a sense of humor. Nothing makes me giggle like seeing a funny guy face.

In 20 years of my life, I have met many hilarious guys but only few could make me laugh by just looking at their stupid ass faces.

If I could list down my priority in checking out guys, it would be:-

Hair.Attractive face.Sense of humor.Sense of style.O…

This Is Not A Sex Ed Post (NSFW lol)

Status: First mature adulty 2014 post. I'm one step closer to becoming an adult.
Playlist: Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners. 80s song = adult song.

I lied. This is probably a sex ed post because Malaysians don't get enough sex education, judging by how many people still dumping babies everywhere. Like seriously, if you really really have to do the nasty and have no intention of procreating little monsters, go buy yourself a condom or oral contraceptives. 

I am 100% sure that most of my readers have gone through puberty and are open minded about these things. Just in case, this post is not for people who still close their eyes during love scenes.

I had this post saved as my draft for months because I felt it was a tad too much information. So, if you're not comfortable with puberty experience, please scroll along. I meant it. Please do.

Most people including myself thought that once we went th…