2013 Year In Review

Status: Do you know how hard it is to write end of the year post? SO SO HARD.
Song: In My Life by The Beatles. I just have a lot of feelings about this song.

Every year I make this obligatory post which is one of the few things I did before starting my study week.

For last year post, refer here and here.

2013 has been putting me on a roller coaster ride. There were so many high ups and down lows.
It has made me a bit indecisive which you will see in the list below because HOW DO YOU CHOOSE.

Best Day of 2013
I can't really pinpoint which is the BEST day but the only day I remember so often is probably the day the Guy who inspire me to sprout all the Taylor Swift lyrics in the previous post.
It was such a fun day. I hung out with different people and met new people.

Most Important Loss Of 2013
My late Grandmother. I still miss her.
Sometimes, I went through my daily routine then saw or heard something that reminded me of her and I stop and thought, 'Oh, she's not here anymore.'

Best People of 2013
My friends in UM who put up with my shit and stick to me like UHU glue even though I am such asshole to them sometimes.
I don't really show my affection much but I just wanna let you know I ah-dore every single one of you for being your ah-mazing, cheeky self.
Please never change. You guys are Watson to my Sherlock Holmes.

Also, all the previous people from the 2012 posts. I love y'all.
Songs Of 2013
Remember last year, I said that my favourite album is Babel by Mumford and Sons and then they won the Album Of The Year for Grammys. Now I am pressured. So I won't be choosing any best album for this year.

In terms of songs, there are so many good songs that I listened on repeat.

My 2013 Songs of 2013.

  1. The Wire by HAIM. - Obviously, I made 'Always keep your heart locked tight, don't let your mind retire' as my 2013 motto.
  2. Mirror by Justin Timberlake. I GET REALLY EMOTIONAL OVER THIS SONG. 
  3. Brave by Sara Bareilles. This>>>Roar.
  4. Alone Together by Fall Out Boy.
  5. Counting Stars by OneRepublic.

Movies Of 2013
I didn't watched a lot of movies this year.When I said a lot, I meant less than 10 and I can hardly remember any of them. Although I do like Perks Of Being Wallflower since it made me cry.

TV Shows Of 2013
Veronica Mars because this show inspired me to be more outspoken and just be snarky even though people might hate you for it. Although Veronica Mars is a show from 2005, it deserved to be here.
I still have the show's theme song as my ringtone just to remind me to be exactly as snarky as Veronica.


I also want to mention that Parks and Recreation made me so happy everytime I watch the show. I love everyone in this show which reminds me..

Best Character of 2013
Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation is my ideal husband. I do not care. We share the same passion. We both hate people, government and both of us think that fish meat is vegetables. 

Obviously, I have found my soulmate and he's a fictional character. Fuck my life.
Of course, this doesn't apply to Dean Winchester. Dean still owns my heart and soul.

Fandom Of 2013
Supernatural fandom or now called SPN family isn't really a family these days. I unfollowed quite a lot of people for their infectious negativity on Season 9. I actually enjoyed season 9 or what I would like to call, Season 'I Did What I Had To Do-I FUCKED UP HELP'

Honorable Mention: Orlando Jones. The king of fangirls. You are the saviour of the fandom.

Fanfic Of 2013
Deep down I do want to give this fanfic of the year to Twist and Shout for ruining my study week by making me bawling like a baby by the end of the story. Seriously, how can I even listen to Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In Love With You without crying?

Twist and Shout did horrible things to me in the end but I didn't enjoy it at first and it's AU. AU to me means out of character and that annoys me to no end.

I do know this one fanfic that I hung onto every word. That left me in awe over the words that this author chosen. I cannot even comprehend how it is beautifully well-written and how the author managed to write very delicate narrative. You have to read every sentence and understand it or you will miss the whole point.

Ad Astra by nhixxie was sort of AU ish but it was good kind of AU, like pre-series AU. If I were to become an author, my goal is to write as beautiful as this fanfic and somehow teach physics law in it.

“If I tell you I am the stars in the sky,” he says, “would you believe me?”

“If I tell you your people’s physics has been flawed for the last hundred years and that we’ve been existing above your heads. Shooting stars are tears of my sisters, lunar craters the doings of my brothers. Meteor showers celebrations done in the name of our father, auroras the dance of celestial lovers. If I tell you all these things, would you even take five seconds of your already dwindling time to believe in--” Castiel grapples with the air that escapes his lungs-- “Something like me?”


They are collectively shifting past the general vicinity of what humans call the asteroid belt when Anna softly singes against Castiel, a celestial counterpart of a nudge. He jolts in surprise, burning rocks of himself tumbling and swerving in odd directions.

Your human is looking at the sky.
If he had a human body and a human face and human expressions, this is where Castiel would press his lips together tightly, the muscles of his back tense and taut with pressure. Anna - his sister of bright, burning red - waits for him expectantly to maneuver his sight through the bodies that make up their family, past the foggy sheets of atmosphere, swerving from swirling, stormy condensations of hurricanes and cyclones. A list of arduous tasks just for sake of seeing one, tiny speck of a boy.


Fanvids Of 2013
There are so so many excellent videos I watched over the year. My favourite for this year is a Bel/Freddie video (can't embed this video because YouTube is an evil bitch) because when Ben Whishaw (Freddie) said;
"You are not impossible. Impossible is just what hasn’t been done. It’s not impossible when it’s possible.
-I am in love. I was so so happy that they at least got together before the show got cancelled. My happiness can be expressed in that last scene of the video. That's how happy I am. Then,  I cried because there's no more The Hour.

Another video that just grabbed my heart for the whole year was this really underrated video but it is just so heart-wrenching that I sometimes got a bit teary-eyed over it no matter how many times I've watched it. I love love love it because PARALLELS OF DEAN & CAS and MUMFORD&SONS.

This is how I feel whenever I see Dean/Castiel relationship. The ANGST. I love it and I loathe it. Supernatural has made a masochist out of me.

NOT TO FORGET, the video that got my sisters and I excited because finally.
Finally we found a video that all of us enjoy together and can relate to.

Be BRAVE. (YouTube is a bitch.)

Now, I know all of you are still reeling over my previous previous post. Oh you know the one with the Maroon 5 lyric post.






If I were to be in love with a guy I know only for a day, I would quit studying in UM and transfer to the next door university on the very next day.

I may be a bit overreact or over exaggerate about the post. Psst. There were no lights shone behind him. That was a lie. I'm sorry.

But I do like him. I think he's that fresh air I needed after all the shitty things happened to me before.
I do think he's the nicest guy of the year.
I did stalk him a few times after he left.
I sort of sometimes look at a picture of him and smiled to myself.
'Love Somebody' still reminds me of him. Very fondly.

But like High School Musical, I wish he's that 'Start Of Something New' but obviously, the song 'What I've Been Looking For' is much suited for me.

I've never had someone that knows me like you do The way you do 
I've never had someone as good for me as you No one like you. So lonely before I finally found What I've been looking for

That's right. It's you.


I  need to stop making my life as a reference to HSM songs and... start doing GREASE reference. WEGOTOGETHERLIKERAMALAMALAMAKADINNGADADINGADONG