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2013 Year In Review

Status: Do you know how hard it is to write end of the year post? SO SO HARD. Song: In My Life by The Beatles. I just have a lot of feelings about this song. _______________________________________________________________
Every year I make this obligatory post which is one of the few things I did before starting my study week.

For last year post, refer here and here.

2013 has been putting me on a roller coaster ride. There were so many high ups and down lows.
It has made me a bit indecisive which you will see in the list below because HOW DO YOU CHOOSE.

Best Day of 2013 I can't really pinpoint which is the BEST day but the only day I remember so often is probably the day the Guy who inspire me to sprout all the Taylor Swift lyrics in the previous post. It was such a fun day. I hung out with different people and met new people.

Most Important Loss Of 2013 My late Grandmother. I still miss her.
Sometimes, I went through my daily routine then saw or heard something that reminded me of…

The Kids Are Not Alright

Status: So, I've updated my formspring to which is you can ask me anything or any idea on this dead blog of mine.
Song: Thiskidsnotalright by Awolnation. (Um. Not suitable song for kids.)

If you've gotten to know me, you might know that I am not the biggest 'LET'S HAVE 10 KIDS :D :D' fan.

I shuddered inwardly at this mere of thought.

One of the people I avoided from socializing the most is probably pregnant women. Pregnant woman scares the shit out of me. They're hormonally imbalance and huge.

I don't even find babies cute. I don't melt into puddle and go 'AWW' like most of my girlfriends.

Something is obviously wrong with me.
Few months ago, Astro had this 'free channels for all' promotion. One of the channels happened to be for expecting mothers.

Which is currently my least favourite channel on tv after Golf Channel.

My mom, the woman who talked about how a doct…