Social Network Without Jesse Eisenberg, Spiderman, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

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Song: Internet Killed The Video Stars by The Limousines

This post is dedicated to the 5 years I had with Facebook You may looked stupid with stupid strangers filling up my timeline but you are a tool, a vital one.

Ah. Social network. Who doesn't have at least an account in social networks? - Ron Swanson that is.

Now, I promise you people that I will make a whole list of social networks that I used to have. Because I'm that sociable. (See how the words are italicized? I'm being sarcastic.)

Today, I'm just gonna be narcissistic as I stumbled upon this website that can track all my activities on Facebook. Also, it's because I'm procrastinating and avoiding from doing my assignments and jobs.

I'm not saying this is funny but all of these statuses is my favourite kind because back then, people loved to comment on my status instead of liking my status like a bunch of stalkers.

I'm kidding. You can like my status and retweet my tweets. I like that too.
It boost my ego and make me want to be a screenwriter/stand-up comedian instead of pharmacist.

I don't update my status as much as I used to back in 2009 but I do occasionally get bored and find my Facebook too dull with other people statuses that I personally don't find interesting.
Come on you guys. Be creative.

Come on over you sexy thing and look at my statuses. 

1. This wasn't really my original status. I found this while reading a fanfic but I like my uncle's comment. Make me want to believe; there is a Prince Charming out there for me.

2. This was during my darker days before SPM. I seriously have no idea what to do with the rest of my life, so I thought I could be a baker because I like the smell of bread and also KIM TAKGU.

3.That day that shall be named as I have two guy friends who likes Jensen Ackles or really want to kill Justin Bieber and someone who really likes that Bieber special episode on CSI. I'm so proud of them and I miss them.

4.I still do want to write this across my forehead sometimes.

5. That one time where I realized before Ronald McDonald, there was a character named Hamburglar. DEAD/

6. When my uncle gave another good-ish advice. I don't know but this made me laugh before some shitty boy kicked the ball and hit my head.

7. It's true. I met One Direction boys and they said to me," You're insecure, don't know what for." Then, they started serenading me in front of everyone else. Why can't more people write this kind of songs anymore?

8. This status really shows that none of my friends believe I have the heart to actually like a guy. I'm that heartless in their eyes. It's okay, I liked the guy only because I adored his hair. 

My favourite status with a side of typo. Oh gosh, I can't remember where I found this quote but it was hilarious. I laughed till there was tears in my eyes. 

I found out that I enjoy bullshitting my way through Twitter and Facebook. I don't really post very very personal things on social networks. I don't take any of these websites seriously. I also don't care how many followers or friends I have on these websites. I don't even follow my friends on Twitter even though I know they have one. I just like posting shits for fun, I don't care what others are up to. 

Seeing my friends having fun or have a sociable life is depressing me. That might be why I follow a bunch of news-related twitter account so I wouldn't see their tweets. Oop.

My main purpose of using social networks is to post as many as quirky stuff on the Internet. 
I'm leaving a legacy here. 

One day, when I'm old and I look at my social networking sites and I will said, "Good job me, you've done great work by not becoming typical young adults who update their statuses/tweets about their love life/real life drama/food/movie."

Or probably: "What the everloving fuck did I do when I was young?!"