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It Was Enchanting To Meet You

Status: I can finally relate to Taylor Swift's songs.
Song: Enchanted by Taylor Swift and all the other Taylor Swift songs.

I know looks can be deceiving
But I know I saw a light in you
As we walked, we were talking 
I didn't say half the things I wanted to
- Taylor Swift, Hey Stephen (My favourite TSwizzle song) 
I am utterly depressed and wrecked. 
For all the wrong reason.

The only thing that could make me smile or laugh is anything related to this guy.

You know. There should be a psychological disorder for this kind of thing I'm going through.

Is this what thoseew-gross-I-think-I-just-vomit-in-my-mouth couples feel like when they see each other? 

Because holy shit, I don't think I want to get married if I have to be depressed everytime I don't get to see my man.

Yes. The rumor is true. I finally have a really-I-swear-to-God real crush.

Next mission on becoming a woman: find myself a…

Social Network Without Jesse Eisenberg, Spiderman, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Status: What kind of human are you? Take this quiz.
Song: Internet Killed The Video Stars by The Limousines

This post is dedicated to the 5 years I had with Facebook You may looked stupid with stupid strangers filling up my timeline but you are a tool, a vital one.

Ah. Social network. Who doesn't have at least an account in social networks? - Ron Swanson that is.

Now, I promise you people that I will make a whole list of social networks that I used to have. Because I'm that sociable. (See how the words are italicized? I'm being sarcastic.)

Today, I'm just gonna be narcissistic as I stumbled upon this website that can track all my activities on Facebook. Also, it's because I'm procrastinating and avoiding from doing my assignments and jobs.

I'm not saying this is funny but all of these statuses is my favourite kind because back then, people loved to comment on my status instead of liking my status…


Status: My subconcious is angry at everyone I love.
Song: Burn by Ellie Goulding.

This holiday has been pure unproductive. I'm two days away from going back to UM and I haven't done anything I want to do.

This post took me 4 days to actually type it out instead of thinking about it while I'm in bed or in shower.

All of the ideas I have seem to have the same theme; friendship. So I'm going to have all of them in one post. It's messy and all over the place. But it is the thoughts that have been haunting me for the past few weeks.

I see the look on people's face. I can see what they're thinking.
I hate it.

It's the look that says,'How can you be friends with her?'
'She doesn't talk as much as you do.'
'She doesn't greet anyone who pass her by.'
'She doesn't smile to anyone.'
'She acts as if we don't exist.'
'She sounds like a weird person on T…