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I'd Walk A 1000 Miles Just To See You Tonight PART 2

Status: Maybe Krubong is my Vienna.
Song: Vienna by Billy Joel.

It was like a punch to my gut today.

The song, Balik Kampung , no longer excites me but fills me with sorrowness and the yearning to actually balik kampung.

The day my grandmother passed away, it might as well be the day I could probably lose my kampung.

Something that never crosses my mind before this. I always take my kampung for granted.

During the last night in Krubong, we had a deep heartfelt conversation about our memories in Krubong.


The place I used to be not so eager to go to. You could see my disdain days during myRaya post.

There was no Internet, no Astro and GPRS level of cellphone signal.

Everytime my Dad said we're going back to Malacca, we would groaned in frustration. The inevitable of boredom.

However, I didn't realize that one day I won't celebrate Raya in Krubong and that day is here.

I remember fondly of the day Sa…

I'd Walk a 1000 miles If I Could Just See You Tonight (Nek, I miss you) Part 1

Status: *shakes head* *stares* and I need you. *shakes head* *stares* and I miss you.

I'm trying to make this post as light-hearted as possible because I know Anis will make it a 1000 times sadder. 
Before I get into the serious and sad stuff, I like to say something about this song, Vanessa Carlton's A Thousand Miles.
This song is one of those 'OH-SHIT-THIS-SONG-IS-MY-JAM' and we started singing loudly while reenacting a scene from the White Chicks whenever it comes on radio.
So, I would like to share this mix with you guys who are coping with stress, sad stuff or you're on your way to kampung today. Because it got Billy Joel's Piano Man in the mix and I want to be on my way to Malacca all over again. 
Fucking sing along from mermaidsummer on 8tracks Radio.


Misheard Lyrics

Status: Haha. Look at my blog some more.
Song: The Wire by Haim. I listen to this song whenever I walk to class. It beats to my steps, I love love love that.

I don't know how it happened but somehow, some way, I am going to be a blogger for my Pharmacy Society website. I'm still mulling at how I'm going to deal with this new 'responsibility'. It's either 'HA HA fuck this shit I'm going to write as awful as I can while being sassy about it' or 'I'm going to be adult and mature about this by writing it like I write for exams.' way

I once wrote an essay titled,' About Myself' where I was really excited about it at first and then I realized a teacher was going to read my essay. So, I pussied out and wrote the standard way of writing exam essays.

My English teacher then told me,'You had an entertaining introduction but it ended not as spectacular as it started.'