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Seniors RULE.

Status: I am officially a second year pharmacy student.
Song: For What It's Worth by Maggie Eckford.

Second post tonight because who knows when I'll be updating this dead ol' blog of mine.I'm not really sure what am I going to write here because people keep pestering me for a post about my life as a pharmacy student.

This one is for you. You know who you are.
I've been 2nd year student for 2 weeks now and I feel old.

I see these short kids running around and meekly asking us seniors for signature is quite an eye-opening for me because I used to be them a year ago.

Oh, how times have passed.
I remember being a shy, low self-esteem girl who secretly hates everyone but just went along with this because if there's one thing worse than being a loner, it's being a pariah

I made through those 3 weeks by being as shy and quiet as possible. I had this sad-looking expression that made me have 40 signatur…

Boys That I Missed In Real Life

Status: CAN WE PUSH PUSH PUSH REWIND. Song: Remember When by Chris Wallace.

Lots of things happened for the past few weeks. I'm going to make this post as long as possible. HAHAHAHA.

I like to point out this particular awkward part of my life.

My friend from high school asked me out (has been since SPM results were released lol) because he thought we should celebrate our birthdays which is 2 months apart by the way.

Every year since high school ended, we always text each other twice a year (3 times if we're lucky) on both of our birthdays.

EVERY TIME, he would always ask me out.

I always answered:-

Maybe.Sure! You set the date because you're a busy man.Just tell me when you're free because I'm always free. I'll get back to you later on that one.

On my birthday this year, he asked me out again.

It took me several minutes (by minutes, I meant hours) to reply, "Sure!"

I finally overcome my …