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Obligatory Pre and Post Raya 2013 Post

Status: Why do I keep comparing myself to others?
Song: There Will Come A Time by Noah and The Whale.

I don't think people understands me because I just isolated myself from any social interaction.

The only person I talk regularly to is my cat and my mom.

A friend asked me out a month ago, I deliberately, unsuspectingly rejected his offer by delaying my response.

A friend also asked me to join her visiting my sick lecturer, I plainly, cruelly said no and now I'm with this huge guilt on my shoulder because my beloved lecturer passed away the next day. I think this might be one of the coldest thing I've ever done.

A classmate of mine asked my phone number so she could  contact me about pharmacy stuff and I reluctantly answered her an hour later.

I'm like the epitome of antisocial with zero sense of sympathy and hate people with a passion.

Now, Raya is looming near and I hate it with every fiber of my being…