Polygamy Is Not For All

Status: I can't deal with this.
Song: Closer by Tegan and Sara.

My grandmother was watching this Malay drama about polygamy and how easy it is to commit polygamy marriage without thinking twice.

It is allowed to have polygamous marriage but do all man is able to commit to it?

In my opinion, it is hard to believe that a man could love more than 2 women at the same time equally and able to support all of them physically and emotionally.

There's always going to be bias.

But then again, I don't even believe our judiciary system is just.

Anyway, this drama was showing how this lady was so enamoured with this douche that she willingly married him secretly without her parents approval who are against the polygamy marriage due to stigma it has.

I don't look down upon on women who allow themselves to be in polygamous marriage either she's the first wife or the subsequent wife.

Mostly because selflessly, this woman is willing to share her husband with others.

But I can't be that woman because I feel like being in a polygamous marriage could be compared to being objectified by men.

It's like we, the women were treated as cars. A man can ride a car for some time. Then, another sleek looking car came along and the ever-so- short-span-attention man will then want to ride that car. He forgets that he has a car waiting to be rode at home.

He gets a bit dilemma about the car but then he slapped his own forehead,"Duh. I could just buy another and ride them on alternate days."

Calling himself genius, he bought the car that probably going to drown himself more in debt. He will treat both of the car equally initially.

Few years later, his old car is not functioning very well. So he starts to use his newer car more frequently until he fully neglects his old car. He then proclaimed the old car as vintage just to justify his doing. Another new car comes along and the never-ending cycle goes again.

Yes, I specifically avoid using the word 'drive'  and use 'ride' to imply the undertone it connotes. *cough*sex*cough*

This probably sounds a bit like misogny but this is how I see this situation that I would never want to be near at any circumstances unless it involves a lot of money and a whole bunch of satisfying emotion and physical support.

If you get my flow.

I usually lost respect for men who treats shit (either abusing or neglecting his supposed born with'special rights') to woman especially the one he supposed to take care of because if he can't carry the responsible he himself signed up for, he probably is worthless as human being in a society.

I'm not being harsh but yes, I implied that you're a useless piece of shit.