People That Made My 2012

Status: Because Anis' post had me wishing my end of the year post would actually be more personal.
Song: Ho Hey by The Lumineers.


I'm going to flunk all my exams because here I am making a bloody post 5 days before an exam.

And I don't feel anything.
I think there is going to be a time when I'm just gonna become an average student because maybe in future, I have given up on my career path.

Maybe this is it for me. No more scoring high marks because what is the point of scoring high marks?

Let's not think about my late-teen crisis I'm going through.

This year is all about changing.

I lose some people.
I gain some people.
I lose few cats.
I gain few cats.
I lose a fandom.
I gain a new one.

It's the circle of life.

This year is significant to me because in terms of what is really going on in my life, a lot have changed.

Of Losing Great People.
I had this really awesome group of people who I thought, 'Hey, maybe one day we'll end up like those people in How I Met Your Mother.'

'We'll meet up on Friday nights at Friday's, complaining about our adult problem, gossiping about strangers we met, and be each other bridesmaid/best man on our wedding's day.'

You know. It's like a loner's ultimate goal.

But as months passed by, I realized that we're not on the same page anymore. Each of us lead a different lives with different friends.

We could still tell each other that we missed those good times we had, but none of us have made any effort to actually do anything about it.

It's not a healthy friendship if we can't even acknowledge each other's problem.

I think the realization of this failure dream of mine is the biggest disappointment of 2012 and 2011.

It sucks ass.
Having stupid childish dreams sucks ass.

Of Domestic Life.
I don't have weird girlish fantasy of getting married, have kids or finding my one true love.
I truly honestly never had that sort of desire to get married.

When you meet this sort of people who loves to talk about marriage and love, it's worrisome.

Because all you had in your mind is money, sophisticated lifestyle and awesome cool job.

Never have I wanted to find my one true love and have kids.
It's not in my current plan. I don't see myself all domesticated and being all submissive wife.

So, when my new university friends are all gushing over their future-to-be lover requirement, I'm just like, '...yeah.. you guys do that.'

"OH. My wife needs to know how to cook."
"YES. My husband needs to be a good listener."

Here I am , just like, "Can I say my husband needs to have money and be good in bed?"

OH YES. I went there. I'm a hormone-raging teen. I'm allowed to think of naughty stuff once in a awhile.
Because, on our wedding night, I'll be like, "No. I got this. I've read fanfiction before. We may need condoms because I ain't having kids tonigh.."


But no really. Why do people my age is already thinking of marriage when you don't even have a job?

What's wrong with being single and free from adult things like tax, kids, and food to be cooked?

It's the only thing I find unnerving about my new set of friends.

You complain about growing up too soon but you're already thinking of marriage. WHAT.

Of The Girls.
One of my favourite part in 2012.

There's two parts in the girls. LOL. Not boobs and vagina. 
First off, my college gurl friends also known as my classmates.

I learn to adore each one of them in such short duration.
I find myself looking forward to tomorrow each day because of them.

I love the fact that we refer to each other as the cast of Running Man. If you see me being all defensive over the old man, Seokjin, you'll know why.

I love the fact that we actually practiced dancing to T-ara's Roly Poly until 1 in the morning just to perform it in front of the class.

I love the fact that we can tease each other and make ridiculous rumors about each other with the male lecturers.

I love the fact that we joined the netball tournament when half of us never played the game before including me.

I love the fact that we can buy each other lunch, foods and have argument over it.

I love the fact that I could share secrets with them and have inside jokes with them.

I hate the fact that we probably won't see each other everyday like we used to.
I hate the fact that the last time I see them is their crying faces.

They were my first real group of friends that I felt like I belong there.
My heart aches whenever I think of them.

Then, there's the girls I know since we were kids.

We meet like twice a year but the way we're with each other is like we meet everyday.
If it were in another circumstance, I don't think we would be this close since none of us have the same personality.

I mean how can someone;

  • who is the youngest can be my greatest rival in the battle of wits on Twitter and still loves me (I know you love me) even though I keep insulting the things she loves since she's a bit lesbian.
  • who gush over anime and weird Japanese stuff like Arashi but is all superior over the things I like.
  • who is a true closeted Directioner and has the tendency to be the joke of the day but is a lawyer-to-be.
  • who is the most normal out of all us and we're still wondered why she wants to hang out with us when she can be friends with normal people.

-like them stick together like glue after all these years.

And recently we had some not-so-female addition to our group. May had some weird sexual tension with the youngest but hey if he can buy us food, I'm a-okay with it!

Of True Friend.
There are so much history between us throughout the years we've known each other.

Not all of them were nice. We had our ups and downs. More than most people I know.
I realized this year that this person right here is probably my first true friend.

I never knew anyone like him before in my life.
I tell him things that I don't tell to most people I know.
He understands me even though I speak to him in less than 10 words. 
That's only because he likes to stare at me until I speak. It's irritating.
I don't think I will be this people-friendly if it weren't for his stubborn ass.
He made me a better person by questioning the things I tell him.

Like, "Ew. I don't like Tom Cruise."
"He's creepy in Scientology-way."
"You're judging him based on his religion?"

It's annoying but you know he's right in his own annoying righteous way.

He deserved an honorable mention in this post because I haven't seen him in 2 years but we're still weirdly friends even though the last time we met, I ignored him. 

And because I feel like I've never said anything nice about him directly. 

You know. 
To avoid chick flick moment.

And that's basically all the people of 2012 that needs to be mentioned. 

To end this very last post of 2012, I am quoting Avril Lavigne,

 "Life's like this you,
And you fall and you crawl and you break
And you take what you get and you turn it into honesty
And promise me I'm never gonna find you faking it"