2012 Year In Review

Status: 2013, BRING. IT. ON.
Song: I Wanna Hold Your Hand (The Beatles) cover by Ortopilot

Remember like a year ago, I made this post?
It feels like just yesterday I made that post.

Now, here I am making another similar (or not) post.
I promise it won't be too angsty. This is just another attempt of me procrastinating my revision because my finals are near.

Best Fangirl Moment
Basically, everything that happened in Comic-Con. 

I was up at 3am on Twitter so I could know the latest news from the con.

It was crazy and probably a bit lonely to be awake at 3am only to be facing your laptop. But I like my life choices.

Best Movie Of 2012
UM. SKYFALL. DUH. This movie just changed my perspective of Bond completely. He's not a killer machine, he's a damaged human being.


Best Song Of 2012

Yes. I know what you're thinking. This song of the year needs to be Gangnam Style. 
In general, yeah. Gangnam Style defines 2012.

But this ain't in general, this is in my opinion. My opinion stated that Ho Hey by The Lumineers should be the song of the year.

This song screams my name (and destiel.). 

So show me familyAll the blood that I would bleedI don't know where I belongI don't know where I went wrong.

Best TV Show OF 2012

Okay. I really like to say it is Supernatural Season GR8.

But honestly, House MD stole my heart with the House/Wilson bromance ending.

Such perfect ending with all the original cast came back for the final episode. 
I was bawling by the end of that last episode.

This is how a show should end.

Best Fanfic of 2012

I, without a doubt will name The Best Men by jscribbles as the best fanfic I've read in 2012.

I don't know why. It's hilarious. It's sad in Dean Winchester way. It's everything a rom-com movies wish they could be.

I am thoroughly sure that there are more better written fanfics I've read this year but this one sticks out like a sore thumb to me.

I cannot stop smiling everytime I see a blood frozen instant pizza in grocery shops. That's how in love I am with this fanfic.

Best Fanvid Of 2012

THIS VIDEO makes me wanna believe in Dair all over again and love this song.

Best Fandom of 2012

James Bond fandom. I could assure you 90% of the fanfics I've read from this fandom are so well-written that I couldn't choose which one is my favourite.

This bloody big ship fandom has a long way to go but ohmygod you guys write so damn well!

Best Album Of 2012

'Babel' by Mumford and Son.
This album is made of pure quality music.
I adore this album and it should at least win one of those music awards okay.

Best Discovery of 2012

Uhh. Ben Whishaw's hair.
Here,I thought Misha Collins' hair is the sex.

Best Thing About 2012

Besides the supposedly impending doom of apocalypse?

I love the fact that I met so many interesting, unforgettable people throughout this year.
I love the fact that I started to appreciate the people who are not my family that surprisingly cares about me.
I love the fact that I can deep fry food now.
I love the fact that I am becoming less depressed now.

I won't list out the worst of 2012.
Because really.
Why spoil an overall decent year with also a good fandom-friendly year?