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Dear Strangers

Status: Guess which movie title I put as my post title? If you guessed Dear John, you are absolutely correct.
Song: RIP by 3Oh!3

Remember the feeling you get when you had your first crush?
That flutter and giddiness feeling you felt in your stomach.
That your heart skipped a beat.
That breath you let out after holding it in when he/she passed by.

Ahh. It felt just like yesterday when I had my first crush.

Until today, I still believe that my first crush is the reason why I love Jensen Ackles so much.

That's because my first crush looked like Jensen sometimes.
The only difference between my first crush and Jensen Ackles is only one of them is a douchebag.

My first crush is the kind of guy your parents warned not to be friends with. Definitely not the type you want to date.

The reason I'm bringing up this topic is that someone in my university looked like my first crush and he walks like Jensen Ackles.

What are the …

50 Shades Of UM

Status: This title of the post is bound to happen, one way or another.
Song: Young and Stupid by Hedley.

It's been more than a month since I've updated this blog. Been busy adjusting my new life as a university student.

The reasons I'm updating are because Tumblr is down and That Stranger On The Internet uploaded new videos this week.(HOLYEDWARDCULLENHE'SSOCUTEAND PRETTYANDHOTANDPRETTYANDPRETTYANDFUNNYANDPRETTY)

So, I did this post as a parallel to my another post of my first few weeks in Banting.

It's an obligatory post. Bound to be done anyway. Might as well do it now. AND BONUS. MY REVIEW ON SUPERNATURAL SEASONGR8 PREMIERE.

In my honest honest opinion, my UM experience was at its' expectation. I had low expectation on the no 1 university in the country.

Because I can. 

And I never ever thought I will enrolled myself into UM back in high school.

Which is because most of my high school friends were eyei…