When I Have Kids

Song: Colors by Barcelona. She makes my heart screams colors.

I actually had 4 posts in mind that I want to blog about but never had the chance to. Until today. I'm going to choose one because each post is widely different with varied moods.

There are;

  • the post where I write down the shit my mom says.
  • the post where I feel like I was born different AKA narcissism post.
  • my 2 cents on T-ara bullying rumor. Also K-Stew cheating saga, Nichkhun DUI.
  • the post on my eating habits or disorder.

I probably won't post all of them because of reason.

Anyway, tonight I plan on talking about kids. My own kids. I had this idea while I was showering.

I know. 'WHUT? I thought you hate kids and never will have kids.'

Well, I still hate kids because they're alien to me. Although I don't have any motherly instinct of having kids right now, doesn't mean I will never have one. 

Maybe I'll adopt one since there are too many neglected kids.

But the only reason why I rethink my stand on kids was because I read this fic and I fell in love with the kid.

Oh God. I fell in love with the idea of having a partially mute 6 years old Dean Winchester.
First of all, the fic I read is GEN. NOT slash. I'm not reading pedophile fanfic. Get your mind out of gutter.

When I have a kid, which if he is a boy. Obviously.

I will make sure he listens to quality music. I was gonna say he should listen to AC/DC but then I realized AC/DC songs are usually about sex.

So, maybe I will start him with The Beatles because no kid of mine will hate the Beatles. Then, AC/DC.

After acquiring impeccable taste in music, this boy of mine who is a very quiet person, will watch crime procedural tv shows with me.

Just in case, if he ever commit a crime, he should know how to never get caught by the Po-Po.

I will also allow him to date as many girls as he likes, different race are very preferred because that'll teach him to be understanding.

Of course, I will never allow him to lay hands on girls unless the girl is a psycho bitch who tries to kill him because my boy is too hot to exist.

The most important of all, I will make sure he has an AWESOME hair. I could never live with myself if my kid has shitty hair. 

If my kid was a girl, I will make sure she watch tv shows that are empowering the women.

I ban her from watching stupid shows like damsel-in-distress tv show. I will not allow her to watch Asian soap operas. 

This will make sure she knows her rights as a woman so she can stand up against sexist d-bags in the future.

I still will ask her to listen to quality music. 
I really don't have any plans if my kid was a girl. 

Mostly because I only want kids ever since I read that fic. 

That fic was beautiful, traumatized 6 years old Dean is the only kid I would like to have.

I will say this to my future kids; Do not treat people differently just because they wear differently, think differently, act differently and likes different things.

Now, that's a good parenting skill I have.