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Status: I am weirdly freaking out over Teen Wolf's season finale this week. AACCCK. Song: White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons. Forever IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG because nothing hurts as much as listening to this song.

You know those stand out hashtags on Twitter where you tweet about it but somehow you feel like you need to explain yourself in more than 140 characters.

I had that a lot. I thought, heck, why don't I just list down my 10 Favourite Lyrics in random orders. This list definitely far different from the tweets I made.

Of course, I don't think this list is valid for years to come. I am indeed changeable after all.

1. White Blank Page by Mumford and Sons.

A white blank page and a swelling rage, rageYou did not think when you sent me to the brink, the brinkYou desired my attention but denied my affections, my affections

I love this song since the first time I listened to it. It had so much frustration and…

Of Eating Problemo.

Status: You are what you eat. Do I look like a hamburger to you?
Song: Cough Syrup by The Young Giants. 'Life's too short to even care at all.'

First of all, I don't really know if this post is going to be mildly depressing or hilariously stupidly bitchy. That's because I have like 2 other posts saved as drafts, waiting to be continued. One is surprisingly mature and the other is downright bitchy.

I don't know why people keep pointing out to me that I'm underweight.

I had this medical examination earlier, and the doctor was measuring my weight, height and was calculating my BMI.

According to my BMI, I am underweight with the amount of 16.1.

In my very honest opinion, BMI is like the most fucked up system that no one should rely on.

The BMI  was invented like hundreds years ago and people are like, 'This BMI is the only thing you should depend on. If it said you're overweight, YOU ARE OVERWE…

When I Have Kids

Song: Colors by Barcelona. She makes my heart screams colors.

I actually had 4 posts in mind that I want to blog about but never had the chance to. Until today. I'm going to choose one because each post is widely different with varied moods.

There are;

the post where I write down the shit my mom says.the post where I feel like I was born different AKA narcissism 2 cents on T-ara bullying rumor. Also K-Stew cheating saga, Nichkhun DUI.the post on my eating habits or disorder.

I probably won't post all of them because of reason.
Anyway, tonight I plan on talking about kids. My own kids. I had this idea while I was showering.
I know. 'WHUT? I thought you hate kids and never will have kids.'
Well, I still hate kids because they're alien to me. Although I don't have any motherly instinct of having kids right now, doesn't mean I …