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Do You Ever Feel Like A Plastic Bag? Raya-Prep Post.

Status: Oh my god. NO. I have never felt like a plastic bag.
Song: Firework Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars.

Happy Ramadhan to all the Muslims out there. It's the time where we don't eat or do nasty with each other on daytime. If you managed not to do all the stuff  you're not supposed to do during this holy month, I salute you.

However, we all know how if we don't eat when we're hungry, we become crazily obsessed with spending money like crazy.

Prime example; Ramadan Bazaar. Although, I will never step into Ramadan Bazaar ever again, it doesn't stop others from going there and waste their money.

I'm not a fan of this thing called Bazaar. Something about stuck in a crowd with sweaty, hungry people sickens me.

I'm like the epitome of least person you wanna go with to a sociable place.

While I'm not going to talk about people wasting a lot of money during Ramadan, I am definitely going to talk …

Howling For More

Status: Stop saying things like that, you life-ruiner.
Song: I Live Life On Tumblr by batmansymbol

It's that time of the year again.
It's where all the people that matters come together and hangs out with normal people like us.

Except me of course since I'm stuck in friggin' Malaysia while I could be there with thousands of people who share my passion and feelings that I feel.

San Diego Comic Con.

 Anyway, I'm not going to spazz about an event where I don't even go or cry over it either.

I am going to talk about this new show I've been watching non-stop.

Teen Wolf.

Which I have mixed feelings about it.

I don't like messing up my mythology about werewolves. But the show seems to be handling it quite okay.

After watching the whole first season of Teen Wolf, I found Scott, the Teen Wolf, very much annoying.

All he's talking throughout the whole season to me was, "BLAH BLAH WHINE ALISON …

Musical Life As I Know It.

Status: I think I love the shit out of your hair.
Song: You Always Make Me Smile by Kyle Andrews. This song makes me very happy.

I was at a wedding last Sunday. When the bride and the groom were walking down towards the stage, they played 'A Thousand Years' by Christina Perri.

I nudged my sister, "If it was your wedding, I would make sure to play Glad You Came."

Which got me thinking.

What kind of theme songs would I want to suit my ever-so-boring life?

Could you imagine if we just randomly burst into a song like they do in Glee or High School Musical?

Me: I am so in love with a guy who is 90% possibly gay and he doesn't even know that I exist.

Me: *starts singing You Belong With Me*

But he wears boxer. I wear panties. He's a writer. I read his fanfics. 


I believe my lyrics are awesome and I have to admit, I have the worst gaydar ever.

It's like when I'm sure the guy's gay, he appears to b…

The Difference Is What Is In Your Pants

Status: I have a lot of Loki feelings after watching Thor. I may have cried at Loki scenes. Sob.
Song: Whistle by Flo Rida. This song gives me feels.

Let's be honest, we all at some point have wanted to be the opposite sex.

We wonder what it would feel like and how would we looked like.

It's not that surprising if I said I sometimes wished I was a guy instead of girl.

But then again, sometimes I am glad I am a girl.

So, I have listed out the reasons why I want to be a dude and reasons why I will always be a girl.

 I WISH I AM DOIN' IT LIKE A DUDE LIST. I don't get to do stupid kitchen works. Just because IMMA DUDE. Apparently, most of people here believe women need to be in the kitchen all the time.I get to be topless whenever I sweat profusely. Because I HAVE NO BOOBS and ABS.I want to make some girls out there to believe that I respect you. I promise I won't make sexist remarks. Like.. blaming the rape vi…

We Should Get Jersey

Status: Boop.
Song: Must Have Done Something Right by Relient K.

BOOM. Another video after 4 months of hiatus.

I think my vidding skills are getting rusty.

Yes, it's a relationship study between Dean and Castiel. Because slash goggles on or not, they have the best bromance the world has ever seen.

Please remain BFF forever, my ship.

*cues White Flag song*

Yes. This ship had sailed by itself.

Since we're on the topic of videos, guess what video I stumbled upon?


UGH. My favourite Scouting For Girls song is used for YooNa.

This video is so much better than SJ's new MV. I want to cry for you guys.

Super Junior is irrelevant with that MV.