Disney Princesses and Young Marriage

Status: Disney, you fucker.
Song:My Heart Skips A Beat by Olly Murs.

Someone has been complaining about my blog being a complete emotional, depressing place that made me looked like I have some deep shit problems.

I probably do. Or not. Whatever.

Then again, I didn't realize people still read my blog. Shocker, to be honest.

The reason I'm blogging today is because my Sony Vegas is being a slow bitch and I am currently waiting for it to respond back.

I need a new laptop.


I assumed that all of you have watched at least one Disney movie. When I was a child, Disney movies is the best thing and the only movies I understand back then.

Disney movies especially those about princesses, are flawless and they are always right. To the 6-years-old-me.

Then when I look at those movies again, I felt a bit horrified by what I have been watching. I'm glad I did not take those Disney female characters as my role models.

Except Mulan. Mulan is badass and awesome.

Others are morally questionable.

Snow White was just a teenager when she married her 'Prince Charming'.

Snow White lives with 7 very male dwarfs in a remote forest. Kinky.

Okay, let me be honest, I hate Snow White now and back when I was a kid. I thought she was the ugliest Disney Princess when I was a kid.

Cinderella did not once stand up for herself until her Prince came and save her from the evil stepmother. I think most of the Asian dramas I've watched are based on Cinderella.

Sleeping Beauty... Well, she sleeps most of the time. I don't know, I can't remember her much. She has the most boring storyline ever. At least, she's pretty.

Belle is in a relationship with fairytale!Edward Cullen. Isn't that a bit of bestiality? Welp.
She's smart though.

Ariel, the mermaid is basically sacrificing her voice for her to meet her 'One True Love'. Actually, this movie reminds me a lot of Supernatural. SHIT.

Pocahontas, I can't really remember watching this movie. Maybe I was too old to watch this movie by then. That or it was too boring.

Jasmine from Aladdin is like this rich bitch. She's spoiled, rebellious and demanding. Although, I do like her.
FACT ABOUT ME: When I was a kid, I thought Jasmine was an Indian. Later on, I found out she's Arabian. Duh. Aladdin is Arabian fairytale-ish.

Mulan is flawless. She doesn't need a man to save her father and her own country.

Rapunzel is cute. I can't say anything except it reminds me of this fanfic I've read where Rapunzel is Castiel. Ehehehehe...
Oops, shouldn't have mentioned the fanfic bit. It's an entertaining fanfic though.


Anyway, most of these princesses are teenagers. They married their so-called true love at a very young age.

I'm glad I didn't, you know, follow their footsteps.

Maybe, I just want to say that I am fully aware of some people of my age getting married.

I just wanna say that I don't really see any reason to get marry so so early. I'm only 19, but I felt like I'm still a hormonal 13 years old sometimes. Maybe, I am.

I'm trying to understand people who marries at young age in this modern era.

The only reason for people to marry at young age is to have sex and hoping it will be awesome.

What else is so awesome about getting married at young age?

 If you're into procreating annoying kids, then probably that's another reason to marry.

I don't know. I did wrote something about marriage when I was 14. I still have the same stand on marriage.

Besides getting laid, marriage to me is useless. I feel like if I get married, I will lose my freedom.
I have to give a crap about someone else when I make a decision.
That is if my future husband actually give me the permission to decide on something.
I have to obey and serve the husband like a king or some shit.

Oh crap, what if I married to some alpha douchebag who thinks woman should always listen to him and thinks he's the king of the house? Or worse, what if he sucked at sex?

If that ever happens, I will never forgive myself.

See? Marriage is a terrifying thing.

I don't see any good in it except for sex.

 And don't get your panties in twist about me generalizing marriage = sex. From what I learned from my religion class, the definition of marriage has something to do with sex.

Go check the textbook, lazy-ass.

Have an awesome Mulan song.  
I WILL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU.Iusedtosingthissongallthetime.