Being Egoistical Maniac Can Be Fun

Status: I love myself. What is there not to like about me?
Song: Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns. I listen to this song while posting this.

Since I'm having some sort of loner crisis these days, I'm just gonna write this little imagination I had when I'm in long shower or in a car for hours trying to tune out my parents' grating voice.

Not trying to be obvious or anything but I've been avoiding my friends like a plague. I don't know why. I'm trying hard not to roll my eyes whenever I see them updating their fucking interesting lives with their fucking loved ones on fucking Facebook or Twitter.

'Oohh.. you went to a game of football. How fucking good for you. *mentally unlike the fuck of out this status*'

'Oohh. That's nice. You're hanging out with your old classmates. Fuck you.'

'Oh. Going on a trip across the country without your parents. Fucking good for you.'

'Oh. You're joining some weird political shit-ass group. Screw you and your public political views.'

'Ohh.. That's funny 9Gag pictures you got there. You think you're funny la now.'


I'm an awful friend. I know. Which is why I don't try to communicate with them.

I think I have some sort of weird loner-wannabe complex or some shit like that.

Maybe I'm just being rude and grumpy old bitch. Or I just watched too many JennaMarbles videos. She's awesome. She's like my spirit animal or something.


I don't know why I'm writing this. But this is supposed to be a motivational post on how Anis should start writing up that fanfic about us.

I fail.