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If You're Hurt, Don't Turn To Me For Comfort AKA H/C POST

Status: You don't get to talk to me like that, manly obese lady with weird accent.
Song: Highway To Hell by AC/DC.

I am human. Even though I can be smart, funny, and likeable, I cannot for the life of me comfort others.

I suck at it. I hate it. I don't see why people are always turning to me for comfort.
Heck, I don't even run into my friends' arms when I get hurt.

When I get hurt, I sleep.
Or eat. Or rant on Twitter or here. Sometimes, I cry in shower too.

What I don't and never do is turning to other people for comfort. I never will.

The last time someone was crying in my presence, I just sit silently and offered her tissue.

There was a time I was actually making an effort of comforting someone. It was so awkward.

Friend: I wanna die. I think I'm going to kill myself tonight.

Me: Woah. Why??

Friend: It's about her.

Me: Why would anyone want to commit suicide over a girl?

There was a seriously long…

Being Egoistical Maniac Can Be Fun

Status: I love myself. What is there not to like about me?
Song: Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns. I listen to this song while posting this.

Since I'm having some sort of loner crisis these days, I'm just gonna write this little imagination I had when I'm in long shower or in a car for hours trying to tune out my parents' grating voice.

Not trying to be obvious or anything but I've been avoiding my friends like a plague. I don't know why. I'm trying hard not to roll my eyes whenever I see them updating their fucking interesting lives with their fucking loved ones on fucking Facebook or Twitter.

'Oohh.. you went to a game of football. How fucking good for you. *mentally unlike the fuck of out this status*'
'Oohh. That's nice. You're hanging out with your old classmates. Fuck you.'
'Oh. Going on a trip across the country without your parents. Fucking good for you.'
'Oh. You'…

Disney Princesses and Young Marriage

Status: Disney, you fucker.
Song:My Heart Skips A Beat by Olly Murs.

Someone has been complaining about my blog being a complete emotional, depressing place that made me looked like I have some deep shit problems.

I probably do. Or not. Whatever.

Then again, I didn't realize people still read my blog. Shocker, to be honest.

The reason I'm blogging today is because my Sony Vegas is being a slow bitch and I am currently waiting for it to respond back.

I need a new laptop.


I assumed that all of you have watched at least one Disney movie. When I was a child, Disney movies is the best thing and the only movies I understand back then.

Disney movies especially those about princesses, are flawless and they are always right. To the 6-years-old-me.

Then when I look at those movies again, I felt a bit horrified by what I have been watching. I'm glad I did not take those Disney female characters as my role models.


We Had Balls In Bali.

Status: Best holiday in Indonesia. Suck it, random strangers!
Song: Mad Love by Neon Trees.

I had fun in Bali which is surprising since I hate Jakarta, Jogjakarta, and especially Bandung.

Mainly it is because I went holiday with my dad's friends' family. Ugh.

Gawd, with the huge bloody bus and with noisy, annoying kids and the feeling of not belonging there really had me wishing my life is better off not knowing those people.

In short words, I dislike them.

I bet if I went holiday-ing with all of the Krubong family, I would feel the same way.

It's not a holiday if you're going to be stuck for 24 hours with people in a bus.

I like solidarity.

Anyway, this time I went with my family that has only one kid. So, it wasn't annoying and she sang What Makes You Beautiful.

I will probably make a video of this trip because Akim was like snapping hundreds of pictures and said, "I'm going to make a video."…