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A Year Ago And Now

Status: Not only in tv shows have parallels but in real life too.
Song: Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey

About a year ago, I woke up with a dread. I did not want to face any shit that day. I was not ready for the inevitable heartbreak.

Because the day after tomorrow, I was heading to Banting.

It was the most hopeless feeling ever.

If that wasn't bad enough, Cas turned Godstiel.
'Bow down or I shall destroy you.' Thus, I dubbed that day as the worst day of 2011. All the shitty feelings were invested on that day.

21/5/2012 Woke up with the shittiest feelings ever.  Had a karaoke session for the last time with the girls and I still remember singing to this really sad song.Got dragged to Banting.Cursing at everything while on the way.Got lost in Banting.Had the need to pee on the way home.Declared my family-ship with the family over after they insulted Supernatural.Watched the season finale.Cried myself to sleep.

TV Won't Be The Same Without You

Status: RAGE.
Song: One Thing by One Direction. Fuck...

I feel old and I'm just turning 19 this year.

Everyone who knows me knows that I watch tv. Then again, who doesn't?

I don't watch Asian shows anymore. No, it's not a racist thing.
They tend to disappoint me in terms of shitty endings and shitty cliches'.
Mostly, I end up hating the main characters.

So, Asian shows  = Me no likey.

I then turn to Western tv shows. That's a lie.
I grew up watching American tv shows.
I grew up watching Friends, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, X-files, Ally McBeal and ER.

All of them are quality tv shows. One of a kind.

I vividly remember staying up at 10 pm just to watch an episode of Friends.

 Then, I started watching certain tv shows obsessively.
CSI, CSI:Miami and CSI:NY (I was 12)Supernatural (I was 14)House (I was 14/15)Gossip Girl (I was 15)How I Met Your Mother (I was 16)Community (Now)Sherlock (Now)There were o…

This Is How I Show My Love

Status: I am weirdly dreading the next Cas-featured episode judging from the sneak-peak clip. UGH. Stop treating Cas that way. I hate you boys.
Song: Sail by Awolnation.

Whenever I see my dashboard on this website, my mind is blank.

It's like I forgot what to write even though I had thousands of ideas sprouting in my head few hours earlier.

So, Imma start with my departure from KMS also known as my Banting life.

Til today, I still can't believe I survived Banting and its' doomed to be nowheresville.

I am pretty proud of myself.

Truth to be told, I miss my friends from there.

I actually found myself missing hanging out with them which I haven't felt for some of my friends in high school.

So that showed how close I am to them for 10 months.

I am truly going to miss my friends.

Gosh, typing long sentences felt awkward all of sudden.

Besides that, I guess I will miss some of the food there. It's not like…

Guess Who's Back?

Status: I am back, tell a friend.
Song: Call Me Maybe Carly Rae.

Friggin song stuck in my head.
Now, someone posted rewritten lyrics of it and now it is stuck in my head again.

Hey I just met you.
This is crazy.
Here's a condom.
So, fuck me maybe.


Call Me Maybe may be on repeat for few hours now.