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Wish I Was Audrey Hepburn

Status: I hate the decisions I made.
Song: Holding On And Letting Go by Ross Copperman

It's been awhile since I blogged. I usually don't feel like blogging but today I am.

I think it is because I am lacking of good songs. I have been reduced to listen to One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful on repeat. It is crazy but it is the truth.



Aside from my shitty taste in music, a lot of things had happened.
Castiel came back. It was the most glorious moment in 2012. I was trying to contain my flailing and failed miserably.

The feeling of seeing Castiel there with Dean was like a home-coming. It's like everything is back to where they are. Back to when life wasn't that shitty.

Then, they had to take it all away by shifting Sam's hallucination to Castiel. Now, Cas is in mental hospital while Dean and Sam is out there hunting things and Dick.

I guess that is how you r…