Things That I Can't

Status: Still mourning.
Song: Movin' Away by Morning Jacket.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm the worst person ever existed in this planet.
Which is all kinds of wrong.
Because I'm nice and kind and rainbows and stuff.

But Banting make you feel like that.
Suddenly, BAM. You not good enough to be in Banting.
Which leads me being all defensive.

Which leads to me being FUCK THIS SHIT. I'M BETTER THAN BANTING.

Which leads me being-. In nicer term, a bitch.

If I want to be a bitch, I can be a bitch.
I don't feel bad about it. Because some people deserve it.

It hasn't even reached a year, I already have an irrational hate on certain group of people.

Maybe it's because I'm apolitical except for Pak Lah. Because he's the most awesome looking PM we ever get. No. It's not a fetish.

Politic is nonsense. But it is also drama. Like all those trashy tv show. Keeping Up With Kardashians, Jersey Shore, and American Idol.

I hate it but I can't help but wanting to watch it.

Politics are like that. What with the sodomy, defamation, misquotation, more suing, more sex scandals, more defaming others, more racial slur, more suing again and shit like that.

I take in great pleasure seeing political drama. They're so ridiculous.

And I don't remember what I was supposed to be posting.