Stop Thinking About Me

Status: Ugh. What am I gonna do with my life now?
Song: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift feat The Civil Wars.

There were so many things happened this week.
I got my MUET results. Band 4 and 10 more marks to Band 5.

Then, later on, I found out Super Junior won GDA or something like that. Yay for them, right?
They sort of deserve it. They're a dying boy band. They deserve something like this award.

After that, I found out Supernatural won 2 PCA for Best Drama TV and Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy series.

Things were definitely rainbows and unicorns for me.

I was so happy for me and for them.

Of course, it didn't last long. I didn't even managed to celebrate it on Tumblr before they released tens of spoilers for the next episodes.

Which comes with a lot of wank.

Supernatural fandom is at war. It's like World War 3 out there. You don't wanna get involved out there.

  • Castiel isn't coming back as the Cas we all adored. ACK.
  • Singer said that it's some sort-of closure for Castiel. Double ACK.
  • Jared: "Sam never really loved Cas and vice versa." BLIMEY.
  • Apparently Cas' handprint is gone and everyone forgot about HELLO SHIRTLESS JENSEN ACKLES.
  • DEAN HAS A DAUGHTER. AN AMAZON DAUGHTER. Whatever the heck is that.
  • Bobby will be back but in another form. FFS.
  • Supposedly, this show was modeled after Sundance something where Dean and Sam against the world.

Never mind the fuck that I was enraged by this information.

Mainly because everyone freaked the fuck out and start hating on everything.

I am trying to accept that Castiel is probably gone forever after the episode 19.

So, I'm just trying to cope with this mess.

Oh. Well. At least I get to see Jensen Ackles shirtless.

And being pushed onto the bed. UNF.

Gosh. There are so many feelings going on with this GIF.

Elena's Aunt may be dead in Vampire Diaries but she sure as hell went into the Supernatural heaven.