I Got Sherlocked.

Song: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes (Glitch Mob Remix)

Surprisingly I haven't updated this blog for awhile now. Does this mean I'm moving on now?

Like I said before I never move on. I always forever stuck in the past.
It's who I am. I'm a past-dweller. I like to dwell on past when I get bored.

Today, I like to dwell on my life post!Banting or I would like to dubbed it, "The time where all shit went down".

It's not like everything sucked after I get into Banting. It just sucked most of the time.
The people there are mostly nice and some of them can be a pain in the arse. But I can handle people.
The food are mostly okay except for that one time where I found something maggot like in the roti canai.
The studies there are quite okay but seriously I advise to all of you who are thinking of enrolling yourself into Malaysian Matriculation level, JUST DON'T DO IT.

You saw the news. Matriculation of Malaysia level is the lowest of all the pre-university level. Your chances of getting into top PUBLIC Universities are as small as an ant. 

It's not worth it. At least for me. Opt for STPM or A-levels. They're better than this.

Anyway, I pretty much hate my life right now. I couldn't even make myself care about some mid-semester exam coming up in two days. I haven't started study anything.

I don't like going on Facebook because when I see my college friends, it reminds me that uncertain future looming before me.

It is probably why I log out everytime I see my college friend online. I don't need another reminder about my lack of future.

2012 sucks and it's only in January.

The only thing that has come good out of it is this British show called Sherlock. And it has 6 episodes so far.

This is me after the first episode.
And I am head over heels over this show by the end of episode 1. It was THAT GOOD.

The cast were not exactly attractive at first sight butI have a feeling I might love them anyway.

Although, it was nice not having angst and man-pain in every scenes like Supernatural.

But I love this show and will go down with this show until its' dying breath.

Like Chuck. Which ended today. I wish that when Supernatural ends, I will be there to watch it.

If I ever had a thought of killing myself, I always thought of Supernatural first. LIKE: 
'Wait, I can't die. I have this show I need to watch.'

So, I never really had serious suicidal thoughts.

Basically, the point I am trying to make here is that I am so so getting into Sherlock fandom. It's new and fresh and clearly addicting since I don't have to follow anyone new on Tumblr.


Because almost everyone I follow had been Sherlocked.