First Week of 2012

Status: Ugh. Dean is so broken right now. Kill me.
Song: Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye feat Kimbra.

It's a new year. I really really don't have anything to blog about.

So. I just wanna tell you that I don't expect people to read this blog. It is more of a private blog because I never tell anyone I have a blog.

But of course, people tends to find out my blog anyway. In a really mysterious way. I suspect it's from Facebook. That traitor website.

There's 3 types of responses I always get on the next day.

  1. "Your blog is weird."
 I definitely understand. I find my blog weird too if I re-read it.

I mean. Obviously, if you happened to be the lucky ones who get to read posts of me moaning and fangirling about boys.

It would be weird and awkward because you don't understand how I could be so attached to a fictional character.

Like me crying out in despair over Castiel's inevitable death. Or how I cried with buckets of tears over L's death.

I totally get it. How can I possibly get excited over fictional characters?

It's just me. But I stopped -ish posting about me fawning over Castiel or Misha Collins.
Because I found a perfect place for me to share my passion over my love for Castiel.

Tumblr. Ugh. Such a beautiful place to live in.

2. "You're so funny."

Well. That is very obvious.

I never like sharing feelings like my Teen Angst phase, or Loner phase or Emo phase in this blog. I rarely share my feelings on the Internet.

Except for Twitter. That's only because it's the only place I know no one there.

So, for this blog. I just post really random stuff that popped up in my head.

It just happens to be funny.

3. "You're such a bitch."

I got called a bitch when I was 14.

It was when I was in my MEAN GIRL phase.

Even though, I am completely nice now. I couldn't help but be mean once in a month.

It is in my gene to be mean to someone after being soo nice to everyone.

So, if you see posting some awful shit about thing. That's just me being mean.