That's Mission Impossibilimos.

Status: Got my slash earphones on.
Song: Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift feat The Civil Wars. (DestielHunger Games OST)

The day that I've been expecting since two weeks ago has passed just like that. Qila, Anis and me have been planning that day for two weeks now. And it ended just like that. Just. Friggin'. Like. That.

It's vair anticlimactic.

Sara and me got on the LRT around 9:40 am and there was still a lot of people. Well, that's what you get for going out the day before Christmas.

And then there's that guy who stand beside Sara.

Which I happened to stare at and he maybe noticed it. Shit.
I can't help it. The guy looked eerily familiar that I had to stare at him until I know who he reminds me of.

He looked just like TT. How come he has a lot of doppleganger in this world?

I think we might have some sort of staring contest but since I am mature and all, I looked away first.

After losing the staring contest, we finally arrived KLCC. We thought we were late so we Sara ran all the way from lower ground floor until the first floor before I pulled her to the elevator.

Then, I thought stupidly that I could sneaked up on them in Kinokuniya but they went to the cinema first.

While we were going down the escalator, the girls were waving and jumping and were very excited to see us.
This is them when seeing us. They were very excited upon seeing us. I couldn't blame them, I would be very excited when I see myself.

When we arrived there, I put my arms around Qila and said, "Long time no see, bruh."

And she said, "You know, for the past of my 17 years of life, this is actually the first time we have gone out together."

Blimey. That makes us all socially awkward.

Then, we were arguing about who should have buy us popcorn.

Qila: I believed the one with the government money should buy us popcorn.
Me: I beg to differ. The one who is currently working right now should buy us popcorn.Afterall, don't you want me to buy you guys lunch?
Qila: Lunch on YOU, then!
Sara: I'm too young to buy you guys popcorn.
Me: Anis should buy us popcorn since you got your personal driver and all that.
Anis: Nonsense.

Well, at least in my head, the conversation sounded like that. In the end, everyone paid for their own popcorn.

Not of course without arguing how many we should buy.

Anis: Buy 3 regulars and 1 large.
Me: No way. 2 regulars and 1 large.
Anis: Then how am I supposed to eat the popcorn?
Me: We could share!
Anis: FINE.
The cashier: What would you like to order?
Me: 1 large and 3 regulars.

Then, the delusional-SNSD fangirl-slash-singer had to make that snide comment on my past failure of carrying popcorn.

That shall not be and will never be mentioned again.

Anis: You need to be extra careful with those popcorn. We don't need another bucket of popcorn tumbling down in front of the ticket guy.


When we finally arrived the cinema hall, we fought again about where we were seated.

Me: Where the bloody hell do you think you're sitting at?
Anis: Uh. Here?
Me: UUHH.. NO. It's here. I swear I booked the second last seat over here.
Qila: Well, the ticket says otherwise. So, HAH!
Me: Ohhhhh... Right.

That of course, not without fighting over who will seat with who.

Qila: Sis, you sit there. I shall sit here.
Me: HEY. HEY. Scoot over.
Qila: No way I'm sitting at the end. You go sit there.
Me: Nuh-uh.
Anis: Come on, guys. People are staring.

Well, technically there's only 2 other person beside the 5 of us here. I wouldn't say there are 'people' at all.
Kinda weird for the cinema of KLCC to be this empty.

Me: Fine. I'll just sit there at the end over there with stranger beside me.

Like usual, Anis being clumsy and karma's a bitch, her popcorn fell down. I was like, "HA HA. SERVES YOU RIGHT!"

10 minutes later, Qila said, "I have to pee."

She and her sister went to the toilet. I stole her popcorn and not with Anis and Sara staring me down for stealing her popcorn.

Next thing I know, Qila came back but she tripped on her way to our seat. We snickered at her.

Moments later.

"Ack! I'm hurt! This hurts!"

"Gosh, stop being so dramatic and get up from there. You're embarrassing us."

"I can't. It HURTS."


"I'm a St. John."

"Good. Go and see what's wrong with her."

"Well... Taekwondo has no use in this situation, so Imma sit back here."

And they stayed there on the stairs beside the seats. People starting to stare at them.

"You have to sit back here."

Then, she wobbled her way to her seat beside me.

Then the trailers of other movies started showing. BUT the one that catches my attention was The Dark Knight Rises. HOLYSHIT. I CAN'T BREATH!! IT WAS SO INCEPTION LIKE. I HAVE TO WATCH IT LIKE RIGHT NOW. JGL WAS LIKE SO HOT EVEN THOUGH HE WAS THERE FOR 1 SECOND.

Mission Impossible movie was awesome for something that has Tom Cruise in it. You know me. I loathe Tom Cruise but I have to say it is a good movie.

I love him in Hot Fuzz. Funny like hell movie.
Simon Pegg was super funny in the movie. I didn't know he was in the movie.



*Tom Cruise almost fell out of Burj Khalifa* 

The other guy was dashingly handsome. I was like whispering to Qila, "Psst. That guy is hot."

He has blue eyes which in return reminds me of that other guy with blue eyes and wild hair.

The lady in this movie is a bit annoying. Especially the chick who looked like Alicia Keys. She kept whining about her dead Josh Holloway boyfriend and then kissed Tom Cruise days after his death. It was a bit downgrade though. Josh HOLLOWAY to Tom Cruise.

Yeah.. That was lame. The model-look-a-like assassin was badass though with her sharp cheekbones.

Overall, it was an amazing movie for me who never watched a MI movie.

When the movie ended, Qila told me she needed to pee. Again.

After we went to the toilet, we went to Chili's to grab lunch, well... technically it was a brunch since we haven't eaten breakfast yet.

While I was giving out my name on the waiting list, Anis was searching for something in her bag.

Anis: Uh. Guys. I think I left my phone in the cinema.
Qila: Didn't you just said your phone was in your bag?
Anis: I thought it was but it was the Clorex.
Sara: Seriously?
Me: Well, we have 20 minutes left, wanna go and search the phone?
Anis: How?
Me: What do you think? *flashed them devilish grin* Mission Imposibilimos style.

*cues Mission Impossible theme song*

What we were planning to do was to get in the cinema through the back door we just exited.

It failed. Only because we forgot where the backdoor was.

So, we had to do the Adult style.
Asking the cinema guys to get the phone back.

Which the cinema employer managed to find the phone.

Anis was very lucky.

After all that, we got back to the restaurant. It was so packed with people.

After we were seated and we were just about to have a look at the menu, the waitress served us a dish.

Me: Uhh.. *looking at the dish weirdly*
Qila: Yay! Free food!
Anis: Thank you. *already grabbing the plates*

Suddenly, the other waitress was telling the waitress that she got the wrong table.

I knew it. Nice things don't happened that easily.

The whole time we were there  was mostly us being crazy and loud. Well, Anis and Qila were crazy.

What, with their embarrassing way of getting the waiter attention.

Anis: Hoi. Assalamualaikum!!!
Sara: Shh!!! What the heck are you doing?!
Anis: Kita otaiwehhh..

It was like sitting in a mamak stall with them.

As much as I want to write more. I think we had enough.