Excuse Me While I Bang My Head Against the Wall

Status: SMtown with its' Christmas Album is hilarious.
Song: Last Christmas by SHINee. Shitss.. I used to have this song stuck in my head.

All this Christmas songs made me miss holiday. How can someone study while all these holidays mood are all over??

Anyway, I need to have a say on this fiasco in K-pop recently. You know, the 'Hyuna is such a slut' comments and antifans on Tumblr and allkpop.

Hyuna is not a slut. Just because she can't keep her legs closed in the music videos doesn't mean that's who she is in real life. Her management made her looked like that.

I mean, you can't seriously believe she chose to be like that. I swear Hyuna was super adorable in Invincible Youth. So to see her acting like this for 3 music videos (Mirror Mirror, Bubble Pop, Trouble Maker) is a bit disappointing.

I'm totally blaming it on Cube or whoever made her have this so-called 'sexy' concept. Why can't Hyuna be awesome like feminist-slash-femme fatale ish? - You know, like Alexandra Stan's Mr Saxobeat or Beyonce?

What's with all those super short dresses and butt rubbing and boob-popping concept?

Ugh. I feel so offended as a woman by Cube. So. You know you won't be seeing me all supporting for Cube and its' lame ass songs anymore. '
Mirror Mirror' sucked.
'Bubble Pop' could be a hit if it weren't for those sexy moves for such a cute songs.
'Trouble Maker' was a super catchy song if it weren't for those horrible dance moves and that weird 'whoring' Hyuna out. 

Anyway, Simon and Martina took the words out of my mouth. Well said.

Yes, I know some of you who thinks there's nothing wrong with the sexiness that is Hyuna.

Yours opinion, not mine.

This is why I quit K-pop fandom and Korean food (I can't stand Korean food). I only keep tabs on SM artists from now on.

This is probably the last time I'm blogging about K-pop that is non-SM.