Dead And Gone

Status: is not gonna watch the midseason finale this week. NEVARRRR.
Song: Everywhere I Go by Lissie.

This week is so full of choices and made me realize that I need to make up my mind on my future life.

The -
-'Who Am I?' 
-'Why Am I Here?'
-'What Am I Supposed To Do?'
-'What Will I Become?' 
-'How Am I Supposed To Live?'
It sorts of happens when all those universities started to advertise themselves at my college earlier this week.

I'm pretty sure at some point I had the 'worst case scenario' thoughts in my head. You know, what if I fail at everything?

Kinda make you want to just stop and sit down for a while.

Supernatural is officially on winter hellatus with Bobby supposedly dead.

I don't understand the need to make this show about two brothers only. Emphasize on the only.

Seriously, isn't killing off Cas enough already?
Isn't burning down the boys' only home enough already?
Isn't taking away the IMPALA enough ALREADY?

Are the writers trying to kill us and the boys as well. I don't know about you guys, but if I were Dean or Sam, I'd be going under some serious depression.

I don't know how they are gonna survive this.  Please bring them all back. This is too much angst.

Too much pain. I haven't even watch the midseason finale, but I was seriously got misty eyed just by thinking about it.

I won't watch the episode until next week but I did watch the promo. Kinda bloody irritating when they're time-travelling without Cas' help.

OH, and TVD, Elena's dead aunt is gonna be on Supernatural and her role is to have sexy times with Dean. Not to mention the episode former title is Knocked Up. UGH. WHATEVEN.


On the brightside, I love love love the leviathans. Hands down, they're the best villains. They're smart, crazy and plain evil.

I have a feeling this might be the last season, judging by the fact that everyone is dying except for Dean and Sam. Oh, and Crowley too.