2011 Year In Review

Song: Rolling In The Deep/ Sorry 4 The Wait by Lil' Wayne/Adele.


 FUCKIN' FINALLY. 2011 ended.

Not that I have anything against 2011. It just started so good that it ended in the worst possible way.

Let's recap shall we.

I need another end-of-the-year-list.

Best Fangirl Moment of 2011.

Not gonna lie. There's a lot of them. But if I had to be selfish and self-centered about it.

I had to say the day I found out I scored 4 flat in my last final and that's not even half of it.



It was a glorious day for me and Castiel's fans.

Awesome Me of 2011.
Fake Me. Is the awesome me of 2011.

No. Seriously. I don't even feel regret about it anymore.
You smile for a living.

I fake care about you.
I fake fight with you.
I fake cried.
I fake sick.
I fake smile.
I fake everything.

And people actually believe it, just leads to me being awesome at faking things.

I am so so fake-friending you now.

Best Day of 2011.
I can't remember all of them. But if I had to choose one. It was on the 24th December.

Hanging out with all the socially awkward cousins are the best day of my life.
Watching a movie involving an actor I hate, worth it.
Even after someone end up with a sprained ankle while watching a movie. It is still worth it.

We should have been doing this social awkward gathering since forever.

Best Discovery Of 2011.
Tumblr. Enough said. I think I made an account there early this year.

It was much effort from Anis. She was like,"Screw Blog. I have Tumblr now."

Of course, now she said, "Screw Tumblr. Twitter is the shit."

So, now I'm on Twitter too.

I introduced Korean stuff to her which she used to hate so much.
She introduced Tumblr to me which I don't get the point of reblogging because I like typing.

But I get it now.

Best Song of 2011.
Okay. This one is a bit hard.
This song defines 2011.
Because I don't like choosing a song over another songs.

But if I were to choose one that had the most impact of this year.

It would be Rolling In The Deep by Adele. 

Never mind that I don't listen to the song anymore. 
Because it got overrated. Everyone knows the song by now.

Best Album I Bought From 2011.

This is easy. It's The Script's Science and Faith.

So, the songs from the album all sounded the same. But it's worth buying because I love The Script.

Out of the 10 songs from the album, I disliked only 1. 

It's worth every penny buying this album.I still get depressed listening to Exit Wounds.

Am I better off dead?
Am I better off a quitter?

Best Video I've Watched in 2011.
I can't choose a video. That's like asking me to choose between linguine and spaghetti.

I love both. But. 
If I were to be forced to choose one video that I felt seriously awe-inspring as a vidder myself. It would be this video.

It's a beautiful video. Still watch this video numerous times.

 Best Song I've Discovered And Would NOT BE TOO HAPPY IF SOMEONE I KNOW LIKE IT TOO. In 2011.

There are a lot of good songs I've discovered on the Internet.

So many good songs. I remembered I used to love Naive by The Kooks and know the lyrics by heart when I was 14. No one I know knew the song. 
I still hope people I know will still remain not knowing the song. Because I will not fucking be too happy if you liked the song. 

I'm possessive when it comes to liking songs.

This year, there are tens of songs I have that I would never want people to know. Don't worry, none Korean songs are in that 'tens of songs'.

But if I had to choose one. It would be Perfect by Hedley and Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab.

Yes. I said choose one. Perfect wasn't released in 2011 but late 2010. So, it's not really qualified to be on this list but I discovered it this year. Whatever.
Angel With A Shotgun by The Cab is the official one.


If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.

I'm an angel with a shotgun,
Fighting til' the wars won,
I don't care if heaven won't take me back.
I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.
Don't you know you're everything I have?
Best One-Liner Of 2011.
It's my own one-liner of this year. 

It's especially dedicated to Anis. I use it to comment on her status which always ended up people liking my comment. 

It's just that popular if people starting to like the comment instead the status itself.

Addiction of 2011.
Oh wow. Addiction. 
No. I'm not addicted to drugs or nocotine.

I'm better than that.

I'm addicted to well-written fanfics.

I need fanfics like oxygen. I have to have new good fanfics every week or I will be cranky.

You don't want me being cranky, fanfic-less.

It started to get worse when I started reading AUs. Alternate Universe for those non-fanfic readers. 

I used to hate that genre. Now, I'm adored AU fanfics. That's how bad it gets. 

This addiction is not stopping any soon.

Which leads me to....

Best Fanfic I've Read of 2011.
I have read more than 50 fanfics this year. It was mostly a good fanfic because I found it from someone else's Rec list. ( Rec = Recommendation)

So, choosing a fanfic is as hard as choosing the best song and the best video.

There's two types of fanfics. Big Bang fanfic or one-shot fanfic. 

Since I'm actively in the Supernatural fandom, I only read fanfics from the fandom. So it's ANGSTY ALL THE WAY.

For Big Bang 2011, Oneiroi by R.C. McLachlan was mind-blowing. 

It got me interested in Greek mythology of some sort. And the epic connection written by the writer made me convinced that this writer took some serious effort of writing this multi-chapter fanfic.

I don't even know the God of Dreams is Morpheus. Holy shit. The drug Morphine was named after this Morpheus.


And don't get me on the characterization of Dean, Cas and Sam. It was perfect and accurate. I WAS CRYING. The angst and gory details (The wings scene was shivers-inducing) was spot-on, it could have been an episode from Supernatural.

It's a bit of R/NC-17 ish for this fic. So, if you want to read it, you gotta have your mind be as wide open as possible. You know. For those who haven't had any single idea on what a fanfic could be or Supernatural fandom could be.
“We’ll have to jump,” Sam says flatly.


“Cas —”

“No, no, no,” Cas gasps, unable to stop himself from struggling against Sam, who holds him fast by the wrist draped over his shoulder. “No, I can’t. I can’t jump. There’s nothing there. I can’t. I’ll fall.”
“CAS!” Sam slaps him with his other hand, then grasps his chin to force Cas to look at him. Sam, with a bleeding head wound and half-dazed eyes. “Cas, we have no choice.”

“I’ll fall,” Cas says inanely, because Sam does not seem to understand. “I’ll fall and I’ll keep falling —”

“You already Fell,” Sam says. “Remember? You already Fell.”

He did. He is already Fallen, and yet he still stands.
 -UGH. UGLY TEARS!!!!!!!!!!
For one-shot fanfic, Plainclothes Men by fossarian and nanoochka remains my favourite tear-jerker fanfic ever made in 2011.

The fact it was from Bobby's point of view made it even unique. 
The fact this is the fic that started my dislike toward Dean.
The fact that it had open-ending was so beautifully emotionally hurting.

“But if I tell him,” Castiel says rapidly, “if I tell, he'll have everything and I'll have nothing.” He rocks back onto his heels, shoulders dropping with his gaze. “And he already has so much of me.”

This fic captured Dean and Castiel relationship throughout season 6 so accurate that I couldn't watch another episode of season 6.

It's PG-13. So, no anything extreme. But I wished it was more longer or a sequel would be nice though.

Best Movie I've Watched in 2011.
50/50. Because it was the only movie I still remember the scenes. Maybe I'm a bit biased because there's Joseph Gordon-Levitt in it.

Man Of The Year 2011.

I think I am obsessed with him. 
At least, not as obsessed as naming a child after Castiel. Which actually did happened.


Woman Of The Year 2011.
Wow. This is hard. 
 But that's only because I don't know which one I wanna choose.
I think I would pick Marina Mahathir.

I salute her for calling out the public for harassing transgender people. Seriously? Harassing transgenders isn't gonna make the situation any better. Dumb people are dumb.

I love her column on The Star. I used to follow her column before I went to Banting and buying newspaper is wasting my money.

She speaks up for what's right to her. She's a feminist and I'm surprised and proud to have a Malaysian who demands gender equality and LGBT rights. We don't have that much of people who does this stuff in my country anymore. We're too scared to be different.

I know it's not right but it doesn't make you any better than those people. 

Worst Downfall Of 2011.
It would be from scoring all A's in SPM and then fell right into Matrics program.

Worst feeling of my life. 

Only because entering 'Matrikulasi' programme was the last option I would have picked.

I had 4 options. 
1. Scored a scholarship and study overseas. Fuck YEAH.
2. Get into private college and do A-levels and still have chances to go overseas.
3. Study Form 6, kick its' ass, and still have chance to study overseas.
4. Enter Matrics programme and have small tiny chance of studying overseas.

It fucking sucks when you had 3 other better options but you were forced to pick the last one. 

I didn't even want to enter some unheard Matrics program back in high school. I didn't even apply for IPTA. Because I didn't want to enter IPTA.

I hate my life. At that moment.
Then shit happened. I had to choose Pharmacy foundation in UIA or Matrics in Banting. I don't even want to do Pharmacy because it reminds me of how I failed at getting the scholarship.

I hated everyone and everything that moment. I want to just flipped them off for giving so much hope.

Now, here I am. Worrying I wouldn't be able to get into my desired public universities. How much time have changed..

Dilemma Of 2011.

Picking the courses for me. What do I want to do in future?

Worst Realization of 2011.

I realized that my friends who didn't scored all A's in SPM get to be a doctor, lawyer and engineer. They are well on their way. 

Leaving me behind in the dark.

It hit me like a punch to my face when I realized how important to have money. Better money, better education. 

I should have realized that even in education, money is not an exception. 

Which leads me to make as much money when I grow older.

Screw humanity and whatever moral shit. Money is more important. 

Worst Day of 2011.

Orientation week in Banting. I still hate that so-called 'caring' and nice facilitators. Screw them. Making my life inconvenient. 

Spewing shit like 'Oh, we care for you and this is how you treated us?' 'You think everyone cares about you? Think again.' 'You spoiled brat think we're not worth respecting just because we're one year older?'

My ass. Yeah. You're 1 year older than us. Doesn't make you any better than us. 

I get orientation week. I just can't stand them.

Worst People in 2011.

The one who betrays everyone's trust. Like Castiel. Except Castiel has a good motive behind it. That makes up for the betrayal.

But you. No fucks are given about you. So you can go and have your own adult life you stupidly think you are so ready for. 

Worst Trend of 2011.

Kardashians and K-pop. Both are overrated and a little annoying to me. Especially, k-pop. Stop sprouting boy bands and girl groups like they are the best thing in the world.

All of them sucked ass. They could never live it up to legends like TVXQ, BoA or SNSD. 

So, shove it back in your training centre and make them be better than having annoying songs that sounds too cutesy.

Annoying Online Things of 2011.

  • Trying to make Facebook to be more like Tumblr or Twitter. 

Gawd. Don't post troll pictures on Facebook. That's what Tumblr for. It's not even funny when you post it on Facebook.
Don't put hashtags on your status. It looks like you're too dumb to not know that hashtags are for Twitter. Make a bloody Twitter account asshats.

  • Fan wars.

Enough. Seriously. You ship. I ship. Can't we just respect others' ship? Why do you have to open your bloody mouth on how you hate another ship? No one cares.

  • Emoticon ' >.<

I hate that expression. I don't know why but I hate it. It looks like you're trying too hard to be cute online.