Post!The 'Don't-Objectify-Me' List Notes

Status: That post took more 2 days to finish. What even is my life?
Song: (Drop Dead) Beautiful by Britney Spears. (Second Official Song of The List)

This is like the small notes after making the list. On why Ian Somerhalder is second and not third. Or on why Choi Siwon is not on the list. Or why there is lack of other Korean guys. Or why am I even bother to post this list.

I let Professor Ackles explain it to you.
WHY #1.
The only reason why Ian Somerhalder manage to beat out Misha Collins on the second spot is because Ian Somerhalder isn't married and doesn't has a 2 year old kid. I mean, I am not gonna go gooey eyes on a married father, okay?!

I feel wronged and guilty for even liking Misha Collins. I feel like a homewrecker. It's why I like Castiel rather than Misha Collins. At least we know, Castiel is an angel who happened to possess a married father. Oh.

And Ian Somerhalder has abs. Misha Collins is fit but isn't that fit and he's twice my age. I should feel all the wrongness in the world. But Misha Collins is still third. He's too demanding to be below no 3.

WHY #2.
I don't like Choi Siwon. I won't watch a lame drama for him unlike Jensen Ackles. - Remember watching My Bloody Valentine at 3 AM? Forever treasuring that memory.

Something about Choi Siwon that I don't like. Maybe it's because of that Shit List on OMNTD.  You know, the one where Siwon is being homoophobe and yet get all gay-ish touchy-feely with his bandmates. Yeah that one.
Uh. Yeah, Siwon is totally not gay.

Hypocrisy at best.

I think Donghae should be on the list though. But he isn't that attractive to me anymore. Then again, most Super Junior members aren't attractive to me anymore. Because of their fail songs. Bonamana and the rest of the fourth album are horror. I don't even know why it is currently resides in my iPod. Oh, don't get me started on SNSD's second album. I will never buy another SNSD album. Waste of money.

Young Jensen Ackles is still the same as Present!Jensen Ackles.
WHY #3.

Some people said Jensen Ackles has lost his body but I beg to differ. I happen to like not bulky guy. So, he lost some muscles, he's still Jensen Ackles.

And Jensen Ackles may not be as crazy or fan-friendly like his other colleagues. He is more reserved and quiet type. Quite contrary to Dean.

It's why I like Jensen Ackles, he seems moregenuinethan the other celebrities.

WHY #4.

Besides "I'm bored and I have nothing to do except sulking" reason, I wanted to honor Becky Rosen. You know the character in Supernatural who is ahuge fan of Sam. She gets to marry him for few days.

It's kind of shorter than Kardashians' Wedding, but that's because she used love spells.
The quote that inspires me to make this post. - E.g. Tumblr, FANSITES, LiveJournal, TWITTER.

I feel bad for her. I definitely can relate to her desperateness. Although I wouidn't go as far as marrying Sam Winchester. Don't you know hiscursed Death Penis?! Anyone who hooked up with Sam dies.

So yeah. The writers screwed  up Becky character really bad. I just want to dedicate this post to Becky. I wouldn't be where I was or how awesome I was if it wasn't for the websites I found since I was 10.

Remember I used to spends hours upon hours there. It's the first time I could share my inner fangirl and spazz over the same thing. Orfinallyfinding someone else who is as obsessed as you.

It's like finding your soulmate. Best feeling ever.