Whoops, Oh Yes I Said That

Status: When life gets shittier, you laugh at people's misery.
Song: Oops by Super Junior ft f(x). Best song of the album, to be honest.

So, I just woke up today at 8 am even though I slept at 1am. Because I can't sleep with thinking tomorrow will be just another day but something is missing.

So, I read some really surprising news on ONTD. I usually go to that website whenever I don't have anything to do. The comments posted in there are much more entertaining than the news itself.

What would be a better way to wake up with reading ONTD?

So, they posted a news about SM delaying SNSD album release so that they can also release US album in US.

Surprise, surprise. I had to check my url to make sure I wasn't in OMNTD, because holy shit.
ONTD posted few minutes earlier than OMNTD about k-pop news.

After I got over the initial surprise, I read the comments. It was entertaining.

In every post of SNSD, there would be a hater, a troll and just weird nice fangirl who is fangirling about them.

Hater: IDGAF, where's 2NE1. 2NE1 does it better.
Troll: LOL. Where's that gif where all of them have Yoona's face on them. (I might have laughed at this comment, classic SNSD comment.)
Fangirl: So excited >.<

My thoughts on them debuting in US?

Oh.. goodbye, SNSD. Rest In Peace. I don't think you'll make it big in the States but I love it if you prove me wrong.

But I will stand by my view and think that whenever k-pop stars goes to US, they are forgotten in Korea.
Like Wonder Girls, BoA, and Rain.

Nobody really cares about them. They hardly even win any awards after debuting in US.

US people doesn't like '9-girls-that-look-the-same-and-sing-cute-innocent-songs' band.

If they wanna make it big in States;
  • Wear no pants at all time.
  • Make a sex tape(s)
 I'm pretty sure Americans doesn't like cutesy songs like 'Oh!', 'Gee' or 'Hoot'.

They need to sing songs like Run Devil Run and Genie but more sluttier and dirtier.

That would be my advice.

Oh. I almost forgot, what's up with ELFs, Shawols, Cassies and f(x) fans having their panties in a bunch about SM?

Of course, SM will treat SNSD better than the others. They make more money and more popular.

What? Do they think it is all hugs and rainbows and fairness in business world?

It is funny though how they insert small note that said, 'We don't have anything against SNSD, we just don't like how SM treats our oppars.'

Right, I should believe that.

Don't evenyone have a love-hate relationship with SNSD? We love them but we secretly enjoy seeing them fail at something.

Maybe that's just me.
Whatever, I just lost my favourite character, I am entitled to feel bitter at something.

Aside from strolling along k-pop fandom, I found this site in LJ, 'Not My Fandom Fest' where people write stuff that is not from their fandom and what they perceive about it. This is why I love LJ. They have everything.

Some of them are so funny.


"The victim died while attempting to glue a witty caption to a Bengal tiger."

"He must have had a," he whipped his sunglasses off, "memetic virus."

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH," said a neighboring palm tree.

  • Grey's Anatomy

"I just don't know what to do anymore," the Sexy Doctor sighed, "I mean, do I love him, or do I just think I love him?"

"I don't know, that's a really hard question," the BFF Doctor replied, "You should do what your heart is telling you. By the way, can you pass me that syringe?"

"Oh, sure." She passed the syringe over the patient's head, and sighed again. "You're right. I should follow my heart. I'm going to dump McDreamy and totally go after McSteamy."

"Good idea. You're so right."

"But are you sure? I mean, what if I dump McDreamy, and then McSteamy doesn't work out? What should I do then?"

"That's a really tough question. What's your heart telling you now?"

"My heart...my heart says I should follow my mind."

"Gosh, you're right! So, what does your mind say?"

"I need to go and talk to McDreamy and let him know how I'm feeling. Maybe he'll know what to do."

And then she totally went and sexed him up because he was hot, and forgot to talk about their relationship. Also maybe they found that other Doctor guy and had a threesome. The BFF Doctor didn't get any because she's the BFF and that's how that works. The End.

  • Supernatural

"You've been back from Hell for months and never told me?" Dean asked Sam, who was his brother and pretty much indistinguishable from him. "I'm super upset, but instead of telling you that, I'm just going to be passive-aggressively put out and wallow in manpain."

"That's okay," said Sam, "because Hell done fucked me up good, so I'll be too busy PTSD-ing all over the place to notice."

"WHAT IS DREAMING?" Castiel yelled from the back porch of Bobby's house. Dean was overcome with the urge to comfort him, but did not understand where this funny feeling came from or why it made his manparts tingly. He opted to use glaring as a way to distract himself.

"Castiel is here too?" he asked Bobby.

"Of course he is," Bobby said. "Who the hell do you think got Sam out of hell?" Then he turned to the back door and shouted, "Shut up about dreaming and come inside! I made you some fucking mittens!"

  • Twilight.

The sad, lonely, pathetic, clumsy, foolish, unpopular Bella put her headphones on and wandered into the woods after every boy at school checked her out approvingly. She was exhausted from all the sudden attention moving to a new town and suddenly being surrounded by so many new people who loved her so much for no obvious, clear, or real reason, considering how dreadfully awful she was in her teenage angst.

She wandered into the woods for some alone time and sometimes sang along, perfectly out of key. "Working at the car wash. Working at the car wash, yeah."

She wasn't paying much attention and seeing as how she was horribly clumsy she tripped over a branch and landed face first. A cold, pale, marble, gorgeous hand with a strong, manly grip helped her up. The sun struck through the trees just then and his golden eyes shifted to a red color and his pale, cold, porcelain skin began to sparkle, just like a giant disco ball.

Bella's dreams had been suddenly fulfilled. She began to do the two step in the woods, singing even more perfectly off key, which her disco ball boyfriend (because obviously he was instantly in love with her and they were going to be a super couple like Luke and Laura) actually seemed to like.

"You have the voice of a baby angel," he whispered, his voice obviously twisted with his tortured love for her. "I can't be with you Bella. You're not like me. You have to be converted so you can wear our special underwear and sparkle in all of your disco glory."

Bella threw her headphones into the woods, echoes of the car wash singing to the trees. "Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" She ran away, tears tracking down her face in perfect twin lines. She ran and ran until she became utterly lost and came upon a friendly looking dog. "Oh hello little pup," she said and extended her hand to him.

He licked her hand and then transformed into an equally handsome boy, though in a rugged and clearly exotically, native way. "Ooooooooooooo," she said gleefully while clapping her hands, because he too was instantly in love with her upon first sight and if it didn't work out with the disco ball she could always have her very own dog boy, which fulfilled her other dream, to be a circus ringmaster.

But then the disco ball caught up to them and began to fight the dog boy for her love. It was violently graphic and not safe for children to watch and so was cut out of all the movies so there could be even longer, more boring exposition scenes of Bella looking into the distance filled with her loathsome teenage angst. Shirts were torn and the dog boy was topless while the disco ball sparkled and glimmered in the sun (even though they were in the woods and it was an overcast day).

Bella watched until her disco ball arose triumphant and dog boy remained to lick his wounds. "It's okay," he said sadly from his spot on the ground. "I'll just save myself for your daughter, which surely you'll have once you two get married and have crazy, scary sex on your honeymoon while wearing your special underpants. I think I will love her forever, as much as I love you."

And Bella smiled because her disco ball picked her up and carried her back to her lost headphones and allowed her to work on her dance moves until the sun set and he could finally make her his proper wife by doing some bizarro indoctrination and a bit of paperwork down with the justice of the peace.

And they all lived happily ever after. THE END.

  • How I Met Your Mother.

I dated a lot of awesome women, kids. None of whom were your mother. I bet you wish they were. Especially Sarah Chalke because she's amazing. Possibly she might actually still be your mother. We'll see how that goes when I finish this story. I know it's taken six years to tell it so far, and probably that was awkward for you to hear about every chick your dad banged. At least I'm sparing you the rather awkward transition I make into Bob Saget, but that's best for everyone.

Now let me tell you this crazy thing my friend Barney-Who-Always-Wears-A-Suit did this one time...

  • Lost.

"I am a man of science," said Jack.

"That's cool," said Locke. "I am a man of faith!"

"I expect we're in some sort of epic yet subdued conflict over the soul of this island," said Jack.

"Yep," said Locke.

Dominic Monaghan staggered by. "How can there be no heroin here?" he cried.

"Hush," said a blonde chick. "I will heal you of your addiction through the power of love, and also this infant."

Meanwhile, on the other side of the island, Sawyer was using his permanently moist hair to great effect to woo Dr. Elizabeth Burke. "Dr. Elizabeth Burke, I understand you are the biggest badass on this show ever," said Sawyer. "We should bone."

Dr. Elizabeth Burke grabbed a gun and shot a polar bear. "That's something you don't see every day," she drawled.

Sawyer looked sad for a moment. "That polar bear was my constant."

"Numbers! Numbers are somehow important!" said Hurley.

And then all of a sudden, everybody was in the normal world. "Is this real? Or is the island real?" asked everyone.

"Surely the part of the show without a smoke monster is real," replied the audience.

"I'm not so sure! MAN OF FAITH," said Locke.

"WE HAVE TO GO BACK," cried Jack.

Something about purgatory. The end.

  • Gossip Girl

"I love being rich and hot," says someone who might be named Blair. "Also, I am a spiritual clone of Regina George."

"I love having questionable morals," says Chuck Bass, who is wearing a hipster scarf and holding a wine glass.

"This show is the only reason I'm famous," says Blake Lively. "Don't you think I deserve to host SNL?"

"No," says a lot of people.

"Let's go to Paris," says everyone.

In Paris, someone pushes someone else into a fountain, probably because one of them called the other a bitch and/or stole his/her boyfriend/girlfriend and/or wore the same thing as them to a party.

Then, everyone has sex with each other and it's very dramatic. Taylor Momsen and her eyeliner are in there somewhere.

The end.

There's more to it. It's funny reading these ficlets written by someone who is outside of the fandom.

Because you get all the emotions in the fandom but people outside the fandom are just staring at us weirdly.