It's Time For A Wedding!

Song: Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne.

I was actually planning to post something about The Boys music video and it's song. Like ... how ugly and weird Jessica  looked in the mv or how fierce Hyoyeon and Yuri looked.

But, I'll save it for another post.

Tonight, I have decided to update my blog about my cousin's wedding.

Which made me sort of hate this insignificant event called wedding and made me sort of love it too.
Does that even make sense?

The trip to Malacca itself was memorable to me.
Something about stuck in the traffic jam on rainy evening gets me everytime.

When I arrived at Pak Lang's house, I was suddenly asked to watch a slideshow about the couple by Pak Uda.

I stare at it and not amused at how boring it is but I never tell him that, of course. I'm nice.
The of course, my mom had to butt in and said, "Why don't you make a video? She's really good at making video."

I stare at her, silently pleading her to just shut up.

"Really? So, can you make video to another two songs?"

Since I'm nice and shit, I reluctantly agreed.

After he left us, I turned to my mom and said,"Mother, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?"

She just shrugged and went back to her own business. Like a boss.
Frickin' mothers and their bossiness way.

Later that night, we went to the bride's house for the uhhh... 'Akad Nikah'.
And it was surprisingly entertaining because I actually finally understand why they're doing this tradition-ish.

Although, I still don't get the 'hantaran' and why do we have to marry and still pay?

But that's just me, not understanding Malay culture and because I have been to this 'Nikah' thing only three times in my 18 years of life.

Anyway, I saw a glimpse of one of the loudest aunt tearing up when the bride and groom were hugging their parents.  It was weird because it isn't really that sad or maybe I still don't get this wedding stuff.

Me: *just about to nudge Leha*..
Leha: My sister is getting engaged around next year or so. That's why my mom is sad.

Or so I interpret whatever she was saying.

Later around 10pm, we ate and just talked among Leha, Sara and me. (The others haven't arrived yet.)

It's been awhile since Leha and me connected. We weren't really that close. It is probably due to our difference in maturity.
Can't help it, I have the maturity level of 13 years old.

But we still do share our crazy mind thoughts, I mean, when we were asked to pose for freestyle with the newlywed, both of us were doing our 'peace' sign.

When obviously, others were just grinning at the camera while Sara is just stared at me for doing that pose in a wedding picture.

Whatever. I'm Asian, I am bound to do the peace sign.

Qila arrived later at night. Anis and Amin arrived on the next night.

We decided to join in with Huda and her University friend.

Conclusion of that night spent with them?
"University life sounds awesome. I mean what part of fake-catfight by two university friends is not awesome?"
"They like f(x) which is weird because they also hate miss A. "
Apparently miss A sexiness is too OMFG for UIA students. But not f(x).
They sang along to the Korean songs that sounded like Arab language. - Hilarious.

There isn't a reason for me to turn down that scholarship to UIA before. Now, there's one.

I shall continue the next day event on the next next post after The Boys post.
If I have time. Because time seems so precious these days.