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It's Time For A Wedding!

Song: Wish You Were Here by Avril Lavigne.

I was actually planning to post something about The Boys music video and it's song. Like ... how ugly and weird Jessica  looked in the mv or how fierce Hyoyeon and Yuri looked.

But, I'll save it for another post.

Tonight, I have decided to update my blog about my cousin's wedding.

Which made me sort of hate this insignificant event called wedding and made me sort of love it too.
Does that even make sense?

The trip to Malacca itself was memorable to me.
Something about stuck in the traffic jam on rainy evening gets me everytime.

When I arrived at Pak Lang's house, I was suddenly asked to watch a slideshow about the couple by Pak Uda.

I stare at it and not amused at how boring it is but I never tell him that, of course. I'm nice.
The of course, my mom had to butt in and said, "Why don't you make a video? She's really …


Status: Milkshake = The Boys.
Song: The Boys by SNSD.

Apparently the posts below are greatly exaggerated.

The AlternateUniverse!me love my roommates.
I bet my AU!me likes men wearing pink.

DJ IS AWESOME. aufa is not bad. IKA IS OK LAH


Dean And Jo Forever.

Status: I love Sam's hair so much right now, I could just marry it.
Song: Run by Snow Patrol.

Supernatural latest episode, Defending Your Life is kind of a bit underwhelmed.
I was expecting a lot more from that episode.

I may or may not be still butthurt for the fact they didn't even mention Cas at all when obviously THAT IS THE BIGGEST OF ALL DEAN'S GUILT.


He's been gone for 2 episode and they acted like he never existed is seriously pissing me off.

That's what Castiel fans and me feel.

But I wasn't that pissed. Maybe it's because Jo came back even though as a ghost but still.

My first ship of all the ships, Dean/Jo. I am not gonna lie, I love Dean/Jo more than anything.
My ship sinked when Jo died in the explosion.
So, Jo made it all better. Then, when they did the flas…

Of The Awkwardness In This Situation

Status: Obviously, is waiting for Brokeback Mountain. Judge me for all you want!!! IDGAF
Song: Love You Like A Love Song by Selena Gomez.


What do you do when your old friends saw you across the street?

A. Say hi to them and praying they don't come towards you.
B. Running towards them and hug them.
C. Ignore them.
D. Too shocked to even react.

I went through that situation today and I did choice D.

Let's rewind back to the start, shall we?

After lunch with my classmates, I went back to my dorm to pack things up.

Of course, while grinning cheekily at my roommate who won't be going back until 4.

Then, went to the bus station with one of my friends. We bid goodbye.
Was in the bus for 1 hour.
Then, rode the KLIA transit and finally to the LRT station that shall-not-be-named.

Mind you, I was listening to my ipod, Dean-o 2.0 for the whole trip to PeeJay.

After texting Sara the Panda Swagg to ask atok…

Trenchcoat Hunting

Status: Why aren't you downloading?!
Song: Shake It Out by Florence + The Machine. Love it.

This is your fault, Ninja Turtle.

I was hunting for a trenchcoat all over KLCC.

I saw it at Gap but it was late so I couldn't bought it and my mom questioned the trenchcoat.

Mom: Why would you want a trenchcoat?
Mom: You can't wear trenchcoat in Malaysia. When are you going to wear it anyway?
Me: I don't know. I just need it. I need trenchcoat.

Okay, so maybe it is kind of worthless to buy a trenchcoat and not wearing it.

But. It means so much to me.

Whenever I think of trenchcoat, I think of two things.

1. Castiel.

2. That raining scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's. One of the most memorable scenes in movie history.

But, another thing about trenchcoat is that, they are usually associated with flasher.

So back to the conversation.

Sara:*points at a trenchcoat displayed at Armani Exchange* Look…

Whoops, Oh Yes I Said That

Status: When life gets shittier, you laugh at people's misery.
Song: Oops by Super Junior ft f(x). Best song of the album, to be honest.

So, I just woke up today at 8 am even though I slept at 1am. Because I can't sleep with thinking tomorrow will be just another day but something is missing.

So, I read some really surprising news on ONTD. I usually go to that website whenever I don't have anything to do. The comments posted in there are much more entertaining than the news itself.

What would be a better way to wake up with reading ONTD?

So, they posted a news about SM delaying SNSD album release so that they can also release US album in US.

Surprise, surprise. I had to check my url to make sure I wasn't in OMNTD, because holy shit.
ONTD posted few minutes earlier than OMNTD about k-pop news.

After I got over the initial surprise, I read the comments. It was entertaining.

In every post of SNSD, there would …

Cruel Mad World, Goodnight.

Status: That's it?
Song: Mad World by Adam Lambert (Original by Gary Jules)

Can I rename my blog Lucifersez now? - Hallucifer is awesome. You can be in the background of every Sam scenes and make snarky comments. I love you.

Episode 2 of season 7, titled, 'Hello,Cruel World' is basically an alternate name for 'Let There Be Manangst and Manpain Everywhere' episode.

So. Spoilers For Those Who Actually Do Not Want To Be Spoiled.

So.. Uhh. .Cas is gone. For good.

I think.

I don't fucking know!!! It's like the Samulet fiasco all over again.

Will Cas come back? There's not even a body.
Did he explode in the water? Did that happened?
Because I swear to God, that is just awful and confusing.

He's been exploded three times (Finale Season 4, Finale Season 5 and now this season.)

Anyway, I don't know what I am feeling right now.

There were tears before I watched this episode because I jus…