Raya Hangover Part 2 and a half.

Status: Update your frickin blog.
Song: Bye Bye by Mariah Carey.


And that's how my Raya went.
After the Raya prayer, we went to visit the graveyard. After several minutes of quietness and staring into nothing, we went back.

We decided we were just gonna walk. There was only Qila, Qila's sister, my youngest sister and me.

While I was busy trying not to step into cows' poop, I felt someone trying to push me forward.
I yelped because there was a pile of cow's poop in front of me.


As I turned around, Qila and the others were just standing there, looking at the ground. I was just about to yell at them for making me almost stepped into cow's poo when I saw a car heading toward us and Qila's sister's slipper behind us. In the middle of the freaking road.

It was literally like a drama from that Indonesian soap opera. I can literally hear the typical Asian's soundtrack in my mind.  It goes like : JENG, JENG, JENGGG!!

So, I shouted at them to grab that slipper.

So, they did and the car just slowed down to let her retrieve her slipper.

That was the most dramatic Raya in my whole life.

After the whole intense scene, we just let out a huge laugh.

Until a car honked at us and slowed down behind us.



 On the third day of Raya, Anis came back from Raya-ing in Kedah. She came with a good news, 'annual lunch at the hotel.'

Tres' YES! Free food.

We had an opening surprise for Anis. I like to think it was a payback for losing Misha Collins' poster. How dare you?!

I kind of spread the Anis' cover of Into The New World to Qila and Amin and I might be the one who slipped them the link to Anis' YouTube account. Whoops.

OF course, Anis was embarrassed when we played the song loudly. So, being the ever-so-dramatic-Anis, she stormed off into the toilet. We let her be. I totally was hoping Amin would chase after her, just because it would add more to the drama.

I still don't get why girls had to storm off into the toilet to make a such dramatic act. Remember when Qila used to storm off into the toilet when someone-someone insult her. 'Tak pernah pergi hotel ke?'

It was happy times while eating. It involves a lot of salt and pepper and waiters.

Qila: Imma get some more food when there's obviously uneaten food on the table.
Anis: Ah. Yes. Let's put salt and pepper in Qila's water while she's away.
Amin: Oh yes we shall. This will be funny of epic proportions.
Sara: UGH. Immature imbeciles.

But Qila isn't as dumb like everyone thinks.

Qila: Hey guys. What's up?
Anis: Nothing. *smirks*
Amin: Yeah, not much.
Qila: Ugh, what the hell is this food? *went to grab the water*

She was about to drink while Anis and Amin watched in glee.
then, she stopped and stare at her drink.

"There's something in this water. Did you put something in my water?"

"What? No," said Anis while trying her hard not to show her disappointment.

Qila didn't get straight A's for nothing, "You guys totally DID. Replace back the water, bitch.."

"This is bullshit," Qila added while snatching Nana's drink.

Then, there were arguments going on but I can't seem to remember because this happened several weeks ago. Don't expect me to remember everything.

Anyway, all this arguments and fights ended up with almost everyone's drinks with salt in it.

I think it also involved with a waiter.

But I can't seem to remember what happened.

Because all I know, I wanted to be like a dude because I woke up with Jessie J's 'Do It Like A Dude' song stuck in my head.

~Do it like a brotha', do it like a dood, grab my crotch, waer my hat low like you~

That's why I wore the plaid shirt and kind of walked like a dude. At least that's what I thought dude walks like.

So anyway, Leha came a bit late and when I said late, I meant after everyone is full and ready to go home.

Shall be continued in the next Raya post because I forgot what had happened and I'm not in the mood to post something irrelevant to Supernatural.