Raya Hangover Part 1

Status: I miss Kr-ugh-bong. WHAT AM I EVEN SAYING?!
Song: Suasana Di Hari Raya by errr... people.

OH. Raya. You astound me sometimes.

When I expect you to be horrible, you turned out rather nicely even though it ended badly.

I came to Krubong on Saturday with frustration but I went back on Friday with sadness.

I miss Raya. Can't believe I said that. But it's true.

I am not going to write every single details tonight, but I'm just gonna post some of the events that makes this Raya memorable instead.

Like.. on the second day of Raya.  Because first day of Raya is a total boredom and I kind of forget what happened on the very first day of raya.

No, seriously. It's like my brain blocked me from remembering it.

Anyway,by the second day of Raya, we don't Raya-ing anymore.

I am kind of surprised by that too.

I can't really remember what happened. Everything is a blur to me. Mostly because I didn't get enough sleep.

Thanks to Qila. She's a pain to sleep beside with. Seriously, she woke me up by mumbling in her sleep.

Well, except it isn't really mumbling. It was more like scolding or arguing with someone. Whatever it was, it scared the hell out of me.

So, I didn't really had a good night sleep. Thus, I was in a really shitty mood because when I woke up, the kampung didn't have any running water.

Like seriously? It was the second day of Raya and there was no running water. Thank Gawd, we have water well. I had to bring buckets of water to the bathroom to get a good shower.

That just made my point that this year Raya sucked.

But it wasn't. We went for bowling with Pak Andak's family. Surprisingly my mom followed too.
She secretly quietly took my dad's car keys and drove the car without my dad's permission.

Well, personally, I think he deserved it. You know, for going back to kampung on Saturday. Which is just full of boredom-ness.

I hate bowling. Everyone who was there can see it.  Obviously, since at some point, I just grabbed one of those balls and just dropped it on the lane. It rolled slowly into the gutter. WHATEVER, STUPID BALL.
But it was fun although I had the lowest score of all.

Sara was the main topic of the day. Because she did her little victory dance when she managed to took down all the pins. Wish I had that video of the moment.

Later that evening, we went to the Jaya Jusco somewhere in Malacca.

I was somehow felt like I owed them that day because how I was such a drama queen earlier afternoon.

So, I told them I'll buy the Secret Recipe's cakes for them.

Qila was ecstatic. Most of them were.

Then, we sort of talked Amin into buying us KFC.

Which later on were eaten by others like my grandmother. LOL. I never knew my grandmother had a thing for nuggets.

She ate them all. Which was supposed to be Nana's food. But you can't say no to elders right?

Back in the KFC restaurant, while waiting for Amin to buy us food, Qila and her little brother had some sort of argument.

I don't really know what were they arguing about but it leads to involving some random guy.

Qila's Brother: Yes.. I want to talk to that guy. *points at the guy in blue shirt*
Qila: Fine! I will! *walks towards the guy*
Me: WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Come back here!
Sara: WTF?!

Then, Qila just said, "Hi, my little brother wants to talk with you."

The guy just smiled at her. Then, Qila's little brother was like , "NO. NO."

Then, they ran back to our table.

The guy just kept smiling and laughing at them.
It was humiliating.

And that was the trigger for Qila to turn into her 'CRAZY' mode.

She kept disturbing all the small children.

Sara was like ," Stop being such a pedophile!!"

You may think this is a really just another ordinary teenager's day.

But it was a turning point for me because along the way, I find Amin extremely awesome.

He's like Mr. Light aka Bodyguard equivalent in Krubong. Less greedy compared to Bodyguard.

And I thought Qila is completely fun to be around with and she's just crazy when she wants to be.

So, it was the point where we bonded with the absence of Anis and Leha.

It could be a start of something new.


I'll be more awesome with the upcoming Raya post, next week.

I have no muse to write funneh and awesome post today or this week.

I do though hope others *cough*ANIS*cough*SARA*cough*LEHA*cough* will start to update their blogs with Raya post.

I have taken the first step. WRITE UP PEOPLE!!