I Just Came To Say Hello

Status: Gosh, I'm so tired and just frustrated.
Song: Hello by Martin Solveig feat Dragonette.
It's been awhile, ayy?

I ain't postin' my Raya post, if you ain't postin' your Raya post, 'delusional tall girl who thinks she's short, so she wore a heel.' Yeah, that person.

Anyway, yesterday, on Malaysia Day, Panda, Ninja Turtle and me went to the Curve.

Frickin' finally, I say. Things always come up to prevent us from getting together to hang out at the Curve.


We went to RedBox and sang 'Rolling In The Deep'.

Because we were dying to sing this song. We sang this song the whole time in fasting month.

It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. Maybe because we didn't have any song to sing to.

I'm pretty sure at some point I sort of dozed off.

I was worried if we were really that distant to even have a good time together. It was an awful thinking because I don't want to be one of those people who were close but grew up being distant to each other.

I mean we have our own lives now. Ninja Turtle with her drama thing, me with college and Panda with whatever she has.

We might have the possibility of being awkward to each other.

After the not-so-karaoke-session, we went to cinema but it was packed with people. Gosh, don't these people usually go to OU or something?

Anyway, then we went to the bowling centre because Panda had this shining look in her eyes that just begged us to go to the bowling place even though I hate bowling.

But all the lane was being used. I kind of hate our luck.

So, we got nothing to do and we, I mean, I don't want to go home.

Aida being the smart cunning turtle, suggested we do something cray-cray she used to do back in Johor.

Ninja Turtle: I used to do this when my friends and I don't have anything to do.
Panda: What is it?
Ninja Turtle: *smug* We ate appetizers at all the restaurant we came across.
Me: Aww.. dude, we just ate at the RedBox.
Ninja Turtle: It's appetizers, light food. Me thinks.

So we followed Ninja Turtle's genius idea.

At the Curve, they have this street where all the restaurant lined up along the street.

So, we were walking and surveying all the restaurant there.

Me: So.. what are gonna eat?
Ninja Turtle: Your choice. But it ain't gonna be the Chocolate Lounge. Suckish food.

At first we stopped by at a restaurant called The Terrace.  Unfortunately, it looked like no one eats there because it was empty.

The food must be sucked.

so, we went up to the first floor.

Me: Hey. Let's eat at the Paddington House Of Pancakes.
Panda: You're kidding me right?
Ninja Turtle: They have pancakes in every meal.

Which is true. They replaced the buns with pancakes for the burgers.
It doesn't look good.

But I still want to go there because maybe second time going there will change my perception toward the restaurant.

It doesn't.

We ordered warm water that cost 50 cent each and regular pancakes for each other.
I don't know why I'm eating pancakes in the evening.

Of course, then Aida told us that we were going to pick not our food but someone else's.

Panda choose for me. Me choose for Ninja Turtle. Turtle choose for  Panda.

But of course we chose the food that we prefer or so we thought that person prefer.

I chose pancakes with caramel sauce and ice cream. For me Ninja Turtle.
Panda being known for her obsession with chocolate chose pancakes with chocolate sauce, marshmallow and chocolate ice cream. For herself me.
Ninja Turtle chose pancakes with banana and ice cream. For Panda.

 When we get our food.

Me: What the hell is this stuff?! ASDFGJKL. It's like chocolate everywhere.
Panda: Well.... there's a marshmallow.
Me: *glare at her*
Panda: *changes subject* What did you order for Ninja Turtle?
Me: Caramel. YUM.
Ninja Turtle: IT IS. :D :D
Panda: I like my pancakes. It has bananas slice on it.

My pancakes literally oozed chocolate. I love chocolate but this is too much for me. I can't even taste the pancakes. It's all chocolate everywhere.

By the time I ate half of the pancake stack, I couldn't get myself to eat another. The others have already finished with theirs.

"Ughh.. I think I'm going to die. COD: Death by Chocolate."

Even when we knew we were now not hungry, we went to Dome's where it was Ninja Turtle's place of choice.

I get to pick the food for Panda while Panda for Ninja Turtle and Ninja Turtle for me.

I think they were trying to make me gain weight or have a healthy diet.

I oh-so-nicely ordered french fries for Panda.
Panda ordered toast with butter for Ninja turtle.
Ninja Turtle ordered Caesar salad for me.


Ninja Turtle: You need to eat veggies.

Apparently, she's my nutritionist now. I don't recall hiring her though.

So, I'm stuck with salad. I can't imagine how could someone eat those salad only.
It's boring so I stole some french fries from Panda.

Me: Why can't they put some potato or french fries in this salad?
Ninja Turtle: No one puts french fries in salad.

We spent hours having a heart-to-heart-to-heart-TALK. Sort of.

It was awesome. We bonded again. Yay.

After that, we went back and have a sleepover at my place.

Where we watch a movie called 'Date Night'. Because it's the only movie we all haven't watch and I had. If there wasn't any movie, we were just going to rewatch our favorite movie, Easy A.

Funniest movie I've ever watch. I love Emma Stone.
It's where we share our inner joke. You know, 'The. Worst. Song. Ever.' scene.

Anyway, I bought popcorn. I ate a quarter of it while in the bus.

So, I ate it alone and not offering it to anyone.

I love popcorn. And while I watched the movie, I told them that I imagine Steve Carell is Misha Collins.

Ninja Turtle: Ugh. You're so weird.
Me: *shrugs* I'm born this way BABY.

Panda: Doesn't the shirtless guy looks like Sam?
Me: No.

It was funny. We cracked up at the time when the taxi and their car got stuck to each other. LOL. OHMYGOSH, that cabbie driver look so funneh!

I guess this was okay. It will probably be our movie reference for awhile.

I think it is safe to say, it was one hell of a good day.