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Raya Hangover Part 2 and a half.

Status: Update your frickin blog.
Song: Bye Bye by Mariah Carey.

And that's how my Raya went.
After the Raya prayer, we went to visit the graveyard. After several minutes of quietness and staring into nothing, we went back.

We decided we were just gonna walk. There was only Qila, Qila's sister, my youngest sister and me.

While I was busy trying not to step into cows' poop, I felt someone trying to push me forward.
I yelped because there was a pile of cow's poop in front of me.


As I turned around, Qila and the others were just standing there, looking at the ground. I was just about to yell at them for making me almost stepped into cow's poo when I saw a car heading toward us and Qila's sister's slipper behind us. In the middle of the freaking road.

It was literally like a drama from that Indonesian soap opera. I can literally hear the typical A…

OH You Sexy Beast

Song: Slow Ride by Foghat. ~slow ride, take it easy~

I am so so content with episode 1 of season 7. It was technically one of the best episode since season 5 ended.

It started with a recap while 'Slow Ride' was playing in the background.
It goes like; ~Slooww rideee.. Take it easeyyyyy....~

I was like screaming at my laptop, "I CAN'T TAKE IT EASY!!!"

It was possibly the most unrelaxing song I have ever heard at that moment.

I don't want to spoil anyone but this is definitely not a spoiler-free post.
Stop reading if you don't want to get spoiled.

I unleash my inner Lucifer!fangirl when I saw Mark Pellegrino's name in the credits. YEAH.

That was surprising. I was so happy because Lucifermight be back. YAY.

Anyway, the reason why this episode is awesome not because of the plot or the fact that Cas might be dead right now but …

Won't Go Home Without You

Status: Second post. Still ain't postin' the raya post because of that someone-someone.
Song: If You Were Here by Cary Brothers.

Shit. What happened? Who is this Cas?

This isn't Castiel. OH. Misha Collins, you are an excellent actor. I could totally see the difference in Godstiel  voice compared to Castiel.

The fact that Dean doesn't go against Castiel like I expect him to be was nice for once.

He was trying to convince Godstiel (and himself) that this isn't the old Cas was heartbreaking. SO MANY FEELINGS GOING THROUGH ME.

At this point, I am dreading and excited for this season 7. 6 more days.

This will be a torturous week for me.

I am praying that Castiel won't die. Because then I will die. A part of me will.

Like a small part of me when I was a kid died when the second guy didn't get the girl in Meteor Garden.

That second guy was Vic Zhou. Since I was around 10 years old, I have stuck by…

I Just Came To Say Hello

Status: Gosh, I'm so tired and just frustrated.
Song: Hello by Martin Solveig feat Dragonette.

I ain't postin' my Raya post, if you ain't postin' your Raya post, 'delusional tall girl who thinks she's short, so she wore a heel.' Yeah, that person.

Anyway, yesterday, on Malaysia Day, Panda, Ninja Turtle and me went to the Curve.

Frickin' finally, I say. Things always come up to prevent us from getting together to hang out at the Curve.


We went to RedBox and sang 'Rolling In The Deep'.

Because we were dying to sing this song. We sang this song the whole time in fasting month.

It wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. Maybe because we didn't have any song to sing to.

I'm pretty sure at some point I sort of dozed off.

I was worried if we were really that distant to even have a good time together. It was an awful thinking because I don't want to be one of thos…

Raya Hangover Part 1

Status: I miss Kr-ugh-bong. WHAT AM I EVEN SAYING?!
Song: Suasana Di Hari Raya by errr... people.

OH. Raya. You astound me sometimes.

When I expect you to be horrible, you turned out rather nicely even though it ended badly.

I came to Krubong on Saturday with frustration but I went back on Friday with sadness.

I miss Raya. Can't believe I said that. But it's true.

I am not going to write every single details tonight, but I'm just gonna post some of the events that makes this Raya memorable instead.

Like.. on the second day of Raya.  Because first day of Raya is a total boredom and I kind of forget what happened on the very first day of raya.

No, seriously. It's like my brain blocked me from remembering it.

Anyway,by the second day of Raya, we don't Raya-ing anymore.

I am kind of surprised by that too.

I can't really remember what happened. Everything is a blur to me. Mostly because I didn&#…